"Peter Pan": a Critique of Pure Snark

"Peter Pan": a Critique of Pure Snark
What I really want to say is a word about the instantaneous online snark that is now visited on productions like this one, or indeed any kind of live, usually televised, event. It's not the snark itself … Various of the online reviewers, some on more …
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River Carron bailiffs keep poachers away from fishstocks
The River Carron is now one of the most popular destinations for fishing in central Scotland thanks to the abundance of trout and salmon, which is down to the hard work of conservationists and a local angling club over the last three decades. Now a …
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Event sponsors attract young drinkers
The alcohol brands that were most popular to young and underage drinkers were “overwhelmingly associated… with integral aspects of American culture, including sports, music, the arts and entertainment,” according to the study published in the science …
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