Ph.Diddy is on the scene – Animation of life in the biotech lab

The new sequel is here! (Ph.Diddy at the conference) and also see (Ph.Diva) PCR Arnold Young (aka the Ph.Diddy) is a biotech Ph.D candidate. Arnold was an A+ student, and is now ready to take over the world of science! He soon discovers how life in the lab is filled with drive and devotion, frustrations and fulfillment, hard work, late hours, repeated experiments, peer review and a strive for respect and recognition. How will the ups and downs of life in the lab shape our Ph.Diddy on his journey to have his first scientific paper published? Acknowledgements: This video is inspired by all the dedicated everyday-heroes-of-science. Invitrogen recognizes your passion and admires your perseverance! BY POPULAR DEMAND – the song is now available on iTunes! All proceeds will be donated to a good cause to be determined by our fans on Facebook : ——————– Lyrics: I was the black belt of my class, marked out as an achiever. First day on the job, enter the gene-weaver. My future colleagues look up from the PCR machine, checking me out man. The Ph.Diddy’s on the scene. So I claim my pipette and pimp it up to halt the theivin’. Get the thermocycler going, my samples cool chilling. Yeah, I shoot tips like I’ve been here all my life. Waiting for instrument time with my free pizza slice. I run my first Western blot. Man, this lab scene is easy. But wait up, hold a minute. I’m feeling kinda queasy. Is that Trizol I can

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  1. LifeTechnologiesCorp says:

    Totally agree Chaitanya – we picked up on this design error and changed it in the sequel: “Ph.Diva and the Mystery Band” Glad to hear you like the video :) You’ll find links to the sequels in the description.

  2. Chaitanya Dadhich says:

    Now, I’m not trying to be racially oversensitive or anything but isn’t the Indian girl’s skin tone a rather ghastly shade of green? I mean, I do agree we are *brown* but in all the ancient scriptures there is no mention of our ancestors mating with martians. Its an eyesore, that dirty green, not racially but from a design viewpoint. It stands out in a very non-pleasing way. Other than that, loved the video! Ooh Ooh, Supergrad! 😀

  3. SuperEndospore says:

    Seriously if Life technologies sold Ph Diddy t shirts Id buy one. That would be awesome.

  4. Paul Plante says:

    Liked and shared.

  5. Sheriman Af says:

    Liked and shared.

  6. Angela Byrns says:

    You deserve my like and subscribe.

  7. Richard Thomsen says:

    Amazing. Thanks for this!

  8. TheBaseballkid225 says:

    I didn’t EXPECT THAT! 1:08

  9. PolyrystallineLace says:

    That’s wonderful. I love this song!

  10. madalansary1969 says:

    Super like 

  11. LifeTechnologiesCorp says:

    The third video is up, you’ll find the link in the description. Enjoy!

  12. LifeTechnologiesCorp says:

    @stein haynes Stay tuned, we’re adding that final touch to the third video in this series now. Will be launched in a week or so!

  13. Bo0meRs0 says:

    love it when he drops the power point clicker.

  14. Catriona O says:

    This is brilliant! :)

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