Ph.Diva and the Mystery Band – Animation of Life in the Biotech lab

Check out the prequel (Ph.Diddy): PCR April Brite (aka the Ph.Diva) is a biotech Postdoc. April is thrilled when her abstract is picked for an oral presentation, and starts preparing her presentation. When her PCR does not go exactly as planned, she sets off on a journey filled with frustrations, anticipation, fascination and determination. Will our Ph.Diva make it in time for her conference? Acknowledgements: This video is inspired by all the dedicated everyday-heroes-of-science. Applied Biosystems recognizes your passion and admires your perseverance! BY POPULAR DEMAND – the song is now available on iTunes! All proceeds will be donated to a good cause to be determined by our fans on Facebook : ———————————- Lyrics: There’s just three weeks left until the conference deadline My next post-doc and funding’s on the line I just got off a call with a great opportunity They rate my work so much, they want it given verbally! Need that last gel image so I don’t come unstuck Get the thermal cycler going, and tap the lid for luck My RT-PCR hasn’t quite gone as planned As there on the gel…. is a total mystery band! The pressure builds again – ANTICIPATION Curiosity game – A FACINATION Results to obtain – DETERMINATION Something here defies explanation! The pressure builds again – ANTICIPATION Curiosity game – A FACINATION Results to obtain – DETERMINATION Discovery through experimentation! I’ve checked for DNA
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to Ph.Diva and the Mystery Band – Animation of Life in the Biotech lab

  1. LifeTechnologiesCorp says:

    @CrateProductions Adding that final touch now. Give us a week or so!

  2. CrateProductions says:

    is the third one out yet?

  3. MineLegendFaimlys says:

    uh it’s Oct….

  4. MineLegendFaimlys says:

    TEEHEE… Wait wrong channel..

  5. Victor Tatarskii says:

    I wanna video about the boss. He is a great guy :))

  6. livkokoloko says:

    How about working in the culture hood all day long and then discover contamination (your labmate is to blame!) the next day?

  7. LifeTechnologiesCorp says:

    “So I stay late once again as the lab detainee….” Stay tuned for the next Ph.Diddy video, will be released in just a few short weeks!

  8. Patrick Carlock says:

    The first vbideo was funnier. “Yeah, I shoot tips like I’ve been here all my life.”

  9. LifeTechnologiesCorp says:


  10. NinielPadma says:

    Immunology would be awesome! :)

  11. Daniel39363 says:

    but biology is dependent upon chemistry

  12. ManjoumeX says:

    Make a video about cell cultures/ stem cells or somthing like that!!

  13. Astroranagun says:

    1st one is western blot & termocycler, 2nd is PCR & gel elctrophoresis, you still have flow cytometry to use for immunology ; )

  14. Astroranagun says:

    i dono but when i was undergraduate i already work all those…..cell culture, PCR, gel electrophoresis….etc…i seriously doubt that did i overwork myself to learn all those since i will eventually learn all those in master or phd…..

  15. Astroranagun says:

    i saw the other lab video where almost every lab students experienced worked in midnight alone…”hello? anyone?”

  16. Mitzness says:

    I’ve never seen a post doc work this hard. 

  17. Mitzness says:

    PI’s perspective! Oh, the woe of being a PI, students hassling you all the time, waste of funding on botched experiments, other PIs having much less lazy students than you do. At least that’s what my PI says ;___;

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