PhantomX running Phoenix code

A demo for the Trossen Robotics Community. Demonstrate the Phoenix code written by Jeroen Janssen and ported to C by Kurt Eckhardt. Modified by Kurt and me. Check out other robots from Trossen Robotics:
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15 Responses to PhantomX running Phoenix code

  1. Murat Uenalan says:

    Is this real life ?

  2. Meldrick Gavin says:

    that is so epic wish i could do thing like that sadfaces 

  3. ModernArc says:

    Lol at the beginning of the video, it was just stretching out the motors.

  4. choeuchkin says:

    “Hey steve, tell your robot dog to stop humping my leg.”

  5. N3BO666 says:

    I had some thoughts about optimizations in the movement … if the height to which the leg is raised is a function from the smoothness of the surface,. i.e. when the robot is moving trough smooth surface the leg could be raised to smaller high and the robot will still move… only faster and smoother .. and i m not sure about the following one .. but very short time before the leg touches the surface, it would be nice if the leg decelerates… so the knocking on the floor would be decreased :)

  6. MrRevertis says:

    The sound of those feet is eerie, one of those ‘the last thing you hear’ noises…

  7. roboplastics says:

    Robot Rock! 

  8. yamen saraiji says:

    or I guess I missed a rolling joint for each leg :) thus 4×6=24

  9. yamen saraiji says:

    Hi, I would like to ask about the number of DOFs for this robot, is it: 3×6=18 DOFS? 3 for each leg Thanks for this impressive work!!

  10. roboplastics says:

    I am very impressed. Now make it wash my dishes!!!

  11. joão guilherme says:

    putz só dava pra ouvir essa retardada falando

  12. ArchChristian says:


  13. imasuperguy says:

    Oh WOW this is amazing, really nice job! I would love to figure out how to include IK into my hexapod. mine is autonomous and has sensors to avoid collisions.. but to combine what you have here with the autonomy would be SWEET ! is it a set algorithm or is it dependant on the length of the legs and size of the body ?

  14. zenta314 says:

    Wonderful! I had to buy a PhantomX AX Hexapod I live in South Korea Movement is very cool!

  15. Hiten Patel says:

    hi i m going to collage next year and i want to study robotic do u know what branch i shoud i take

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