Pharma Content Marketing Dec 2-3 2013 Philadelphia

Pharma Content Marketing Dec 2-3 2013 Philadelphia
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Pharma Content Marketing
Dec 2-4 2013 Philadelphia, PA

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 Content may still be king but pharma still isn't ruling in this area just yet. Join the debate and find out best practices for embracing an integrated approach to your strategic multi-channel communications.

Introducing: The NEW Pharma Content Marketing Landscape

The convergence of traditional, social and digital platforms calls for a new approach in the marketing mindset.

  • With easy-to-access multimedia platforms catering to an information-craving customer pool of HCPs, patients and caregivers, there is an imminent need for strategic integrated content, delivered at the right time, in a consistent way.
  • Emerging new media channels and platforms provide opportunities to reach and engage customers with sought-out/much-needed information and services at critical points throughout the decision making process, as well as the lifecycle of the disease. 

With relevant and strategic content, pharmaceutical and medical device marketers can increase brand loyalty within the newly empowered and informed customer and, together with HCPS, help patients live their best life.

To understand the need for integrated content marketing and how to accomplish a shift in the marketing approach, this conference will:

  1. Define what content marketing means for the pharmaceutical industry and showcase the need to integrate content into the marketing approach
  2. Provide a forum to discuss the appropriateness and opportunity for content marketing
  3. Consider barriers to successful content integration and marketing
  4. Review case studies of how content marketing has successfully supported marketing goals
  5. Provide scalable strategies, tactics and models to integrate content strategy into the marketing plan

 Who Should Attend

Large/Small/Specialty Pharmaceutical, Biotech, OTC and Medical Device professionals with responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Marketing
  • Content
  • eMarketing
  • Digital Media
  • Public Affairs
  • Publications (traditional and ePublications)
  • Multi-Channel
  • Social Media
  • Promotions
  • Emerging Media
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Digital Communications
  • Content Creation
  • Email marketing
  • Analytics
  • Measurement
  • Multimedia
  • Strategy
  • Integration

This conference is also of interest to content creators and strategists, as well as communication and integration specialists with the following vendor partners:

  • Public relations agencies
  • Content creation/marketing agencies
  • Digital/Traditional advertising
  • Digital/Traditional content distributers
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Web service providers
  • Social media platforms
  • Measurement & analytics services/agencies
  • Magazine/print publishers
  • Inbound/outbound marketing
  • Brand planning
  • Business development
  • B2B / B2C advertising and communications
  • Promotions – experiential, print, digital, social, retail, pharmacy


at The Inn at Penn
3600 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, United States

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