Pharrell Partners with Liquipel For The Ultimate Nanotechnology – CES 2013

Shannon stopped by the Liquipel booth to chat with Danny McPhail and partner Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes, hear about their nanotechnology that protects…
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24 Responses to Pharrell Partners with Liquipel For The Ultimate Nanotechnology – CES 2013

  1. Tracy sMomhasgotitgoingon says:

    Pharrell should do a live underwater performance

  2. harry buttz says:

    Now just make me invisible!

  3. JesSiCa SiMon says:

    I need my NEXUS 4 2.0’ed!

  4. Hannah Smitherson says:

    I wonder if they could do my car?

  5. Kristof Hoornaert says:

    This technology is invented by the Belgian company Europlasma. LQ has just been a licencee and has invented nothing… process gasses and machines are developed and build in Belgium… check youtube europlasma + nanofics

  6. akanickstar says:

    The nanotech has evolved! Soon all will be greygoo!

  7. cvamurfreesboro says:

    Shannon can shake my hand any time shes wet..

  8. HigherPlanes says:

    squirt shots

  9. compaq1275 says:

    shannon, why did you have your camera in the bathroom? lol

  10. SpeakChinglish says:

    “I would shake your hand, but I’m all wet now…” hehe

  11. ripxxc says:

    Wow, there goes all the water-proof companies out of business.

  12. herpderpmonkey says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. “Funny, you’ve done the same thing in your comment haha.” HAHAHAHAHAHA (fucking retard…)

  13. liontiigerbear says:

    Funny, you’ve done the same thing in your comment haha.

  14. herpderpmonkey says:

    no shit, he’s that NERD guy. Listen to him talk, he’s riffing, using verbal fillers and making really poor points.

  15. TheBSG says:

    For those of you who don’t know who Pharrell is: If Puffy had talent.

  16. Adrian Serghei says:

    Camera in the toilet?!?! What were you doing Shanon?

  17. liontiigerbear says:

    Do you even know what pharell does?

  18. liontiigerbear says:

    Pharrells a awesome dude, while I agree he doesn’t really know much about the tech, the dude is a genius in other areas.

  19. liontiigerbear says:

    2013, still using an old meme… GAAAAAAYYY1

  20. YoungBud03 says:

    Liquipel My Cock!! Go Fuck Your Self Trojaaaaan Maaaan….!!!

  21. futureboy00 says:

    fake and gay

  22. mobilephone2003 says:

    Shannon dropped her camera in the toilet, I guess the question here is: what was she doing with a camera in the toilet?

  23. sodafountan says:

    Drop it likes it’s hot…

  24. Hannah Smitherson says:

    I’d be wet, tooooooooo

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