Phil & Dan in NEW YORK!

We explore the big apple ­čśÇ Thanks to Fuse for inviting us! Check out the videos we made with them: Fall Out Boy: …

22 Replies to “Phil & Dan in NEW YORK!”

  1. All the adverts have become really unusual,´╗┐ TheLonelyIsland just cracked a joke about raping babies, a load of guys were talking about something exquisitely odd, and then two men burst into song about AmazingPhil. I’m pretty sure I know what’s going on, but I’m also pretty sure I don’t understand it at all.

  2. I keep on wandering if´╗┐ Dan ever had braces or his teeth were just perfect all along because his teeth are so straight! Does anyone agree with me? ­čśÇ lol

  3. Why would you guys split to see who gets recognized first? These stuff make me feel uncomfortable because one of you might´╗┐ have bad luck and end up feeling sad

  4. On the Empire State building: PHIL:´╗┐ Is it inspiring you to do something big in your life? DAN: No..*shakes head* I don’t know why I’m laughing so hard :DD

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