Phil & Dan in NEW YORK!

We explore the big apple 😀 Thanks to Fuse for inviting us! Check out the videos we made with them: Fall Out Boy: …

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22 Responses to Phil & Dan in NEW YORK!

  1. cheyenne nichole says:

    Phil wore that purple shirt in the video “Halloween brownie graveyard”

  2. WindClanRulez says:

    I wish dan and phil would have their hair longer like they used to….

  3. Amy Sharpe says:

    Dan and Phil was there. That’s why everybody wants to go.

  4. Lily Evans says:

    All the adverts have become really unusual, TheLonelyIsland just cracked a joke about raping babies, a load of guys were talking about something exquisitely odd, and then two men burst into song about AmazingPhil. I’m pretty sure I know what’s going on, but I’m also pretty sure I don’t understand it at all.

  5. TheMiddlelee says:

    Hey guys were hannah and Anna we’ve just started youtube, it would be cool if you could check us out

  6. Lizzie Livanos says:

    “heres us having a three way…” im dying hahahaha

  7. hhykelly says:

    I recognise that background music for the helicopter bit, Phil… ;p :)

  8. hhykelly says:

    the artist is pro!!~ i know this is not exactly related but yeah 😉

  9. CrAzYcOoKiE1998 says:

    5.05 So beautiful :)

  10. BenAdams98 says:

    I honestly don’t understand why Dan has more views than Phil… I think Phil is just as funny and creative as Dan.

  11. BuzzyLittleAmbee says:

    I keep on wandering if Dan ever had braces or his teeth were just perfect all along because his teeth are so straight! Does anyone agree with me? 😀 lol

  12. Lauren Wilson says:

    Benny Hill musiczz xD

  13. Anna Tonks says:

    What is about New York that everyone wants to go there?

  14. yasmin6296 says:

    It’s SOOOOOO tall! … It’s quite large.

  15. DaisyRoseMC says:


  16. xxzw1 says:

    Why would you guys split to see who gets recognized first? These stuff make me feel uncomfortable because one of you might have bad luck and end up feeling sad

  17. thewolfstarr says:

    Omg the day u guys arrived was the day i left….. Fml

  18. Kristi Bayk says:

    I am legitimately about to take off for New York right now, and I am definitely bummed that I missed you.

  19. Hailey Stone says:

    when were u guys in new York cuz I was just there last week

  20. XxJasmineSeesStars says:

    On the Empire State building: PHIL: Is it inspiring you to do something big in your life? DAN: No..*shakes head* I don’t know why I’m laughing so hard :DD

  21. AyeeShawtyx33 says:

    I’m so angry I missed that, asdfghjkjdjuyyfheyvhv .___.

  22. Thiago Mestres says:


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