Philadelphia Floor Store adds UV Floor Cure Systems to their line of Hardwood Flooring Equipment

Conshohocken, PA (PRWEB) October 22, 2014

Philadelphia Floor Store (PFS), the nations leading hardwood flooring distributor, recently added the HID UV Floor Cure System to their line of hardwood flooring machines and equipment.

The hardwood floor distributor looked at several UV Cure Systems before deciding to go with HID Ultraviolet. Ultraviolet light has been used in a number of different industries over the years, and its exciting to see the hardwood flooring industry adopt the same technology, said Joe Glavin, PFS co-owner and national sales manager. HID Ultraviolet manufactures high-end floor-cure machines that make the transition to UV technology smooth and easy for hardwood floor contractors, so when we researched manufactures, they stood out as the clear choice, continued Galvin.

A special formulated finish that is applied at the job site contains UV additives that help the finish to cure with in milliseconds of coming into contact with UV rays. Hardwood floors can be finished in hours, not days, which is a huge benefit for both installers and their customers. You can put the floor back in service right away…and theres no other coating that can do that, said Rob Lesko, President of HID Ultraviolet. Lesko compared UV floor curing systems to ultraviolet nail drying systems, which are the norm in the beauty industry. Watch a Video on the UV floor cure process.

A finish cured with UV light is particularly resistant to mechanical and chemical abrasion, making UV curing an ideal system to use in settings that demand extreme wear resistance, such as sports floors and high-traffic commercial or residential hardwood floors. Because of the quick turnaround time, UV curing systems are also ideal for use in establishments that never close, or have a very small gap in their hours of operation.

The Philadelphia Floor Store carries the full line of HID Ultraviolet curing systems from the handheld MAKO units to the larger variations including the TIGER, BULLDOG, and HAMMERHEAD models. The distributor also offers rental opportunities for those wishing to test the UV Floor Cure System.

About PFS

PFS is a leading provider of unfinished and prefinished hardwood flooring and accessories including stains, finishes, abrasives, flooring tools, and sanding equipment. Family owned and operated, PFS has been serving hardwood flooring contractors for more than 20 years and provides the expertise needed to install and maintain hardwood floors. The company offers all the top name manufactures including, Aacer, Century, Norton, Lagler, 3M, Clarke, Bona, Basic, Primatech, Bostick, and more. The companys in-house resources include a top-ranked Machine Repair Center, Rental Center, In-house Chemist, and Gym Floor and Wood Floor Consultants. PFS educates customers via personalized service, online training materials, videos, and free events. Visit the PFS showroom in Conshohocken, PA or shop online at

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