Philadelphia Women in Digital Kick Off

Philadelphia Women in Digital Kick Off
Event on 2017-07-11 16:30:00
Join the most powerful Women in Digital for our first ever Philadelphia meeting. Refresh yourself with a break from the madness at work and meet your amazing sisters in arms of Women in Digital. We're about to start a Philadelphia Chapter, and you'll be there on the ground floor of it all. Find out more and submit nominations for your open Philadelphia Board of Advisory positions by clicking here: Agenda: 4:30 pm – 5:00 pm – Settle in, mix and mingle with beverages 5:00 pm – 5:30 pm – "How we got here." Executive Director, Alaina Shearer • Welcome and Tell All. Her story and journey, and what led to the creation of Women in Digital. And meet our featured guests – Marty and Nicole!  5:30 pm – 6:30 pm – "Ask" and "Give" Practice Round. Experience our pledge in action as you practice your asks and gives and change your life forever by empowering yourselves and each other with vulnerability. Who should attend? Women on both agency and client side with a focus on digital marketing, communications, design and development. Our attendees range from CMOs to social strategists or designers. If you are in marketing and communications and digital controls your Universe, you're in. If you have a sales motivation for attending, soliciting our attendees and members for business or sales is strictly prohibited. If you do so, you will be kindly asked to leave. NO men allowed. Sorry guys but this event is exclusive to women and those who identify as women. We love you, but we need this time and space to ourselves. You are welcome to attend our national conference where 4% of tickets are available to men, reflecting the # of women who are CEOs for Fortune 500 companies. What do we believe? We believe women who can harness the power of digital are capable of anything. Above all, we believe our connections to each other and our network can become a source of power if we respect that power and understand our collective purpose – to build each other up for the good of women across our industry, the nation and the world. Find out more, visit our website. SPEAKERS AND FEATURED GUESTS "How We Got Here" Alaina Shearer, Executive Director of Women in Digital Alaina Shearer, our fearless leader and a total digital nerd, founded Women in Digital in June of 2016 over a mimosa toast with a group of 100 women in Columbus, Ohio. That morning Alaina shared her journey as a woman in digital. From her experience in the radio industry to her move to advertising and digital marketing, she faced sexism and jaw-droping discrimination all along the way. The energy that morning was indescribable and in that moment, a movement was born. Now, Alaina is traveling across the country to as many cities as possible to share her story and to encourage other women to do the same. She believes that in our vulnerability, and in sharing our stories – we can all empower each other and truly be free. More about Alaina After seven years in radio as a journalist and a morning show co-host, Alaina made a departure from the industry after finding its barriers for women leaders far too overwhelming. She then ventured into marketing, discovering digital marketing at the helm of her first website redesign in 2006. Hooked on digital she became a Sr. Interactive Copywriter at a national agency by day and a blogger by night. While she wrote copy for major brands and sketched wireframes out by hand she mastered SEO and the power of community building with her blog,, which ultimately attracted 30,000 readers a month and a loyal following of single moms. In 2009, after facing a healthy amount of discrimination at work by her creative director and an insatiable drive to create websites that actually ranked in search and performed in social, she created her own digital agency. Cement Marketing is now one of the leading creative digital agencies in the Midwest. The agency is also the founding sponsor of Women in Digital and continues to fund our start-up phase. Connect with Alaina: LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or email Featured Guests:  Nicole Hallberg and Martin R. Schneider Signature Swappers + Storytellers When Martin Schneider accidentally swapped email signatures with his co-worker Nicole Hallberg their relationships with clients dramatically changed. Martin describes the two weeks as the worst two weeks of his life, while Nicole flourished and found her clients far more responsive and respectful when she used Martin’s name. The social experiment went viral this year catapulting them to sudden Internet fame. Now, where will the story lead them? And what does this say about sexism in our industry and others? About Nicole: Nicole is a freelance blogger and copywriter who writes for money and dismantles the patriarchy for free. She has a portfolio here and a teeny little crafting blog here, of all things. About Martin: Originally from Oregon, Martin R. Schneider now lives in Philadelphia completing a Master’s degree in Organizational Development at Temple University. He is a writer and editor for the film website Front Row Central and the co-host of the podcast Political Theater, which explores the relationships between real-world politics and pop culture. In addition, he writes about and studies career development, labor practices, and social justice practices. He loves to explore the uses of social media for storytelling purposes, which is what made this all happen in the first place. He knows a lot of trivia about Andre the Giant and will gladly share it with you whether you ask him to or not. Thanks to our generous sponsors, without whom this event would not be possible:

at Standard Tap
901 N Second Street
Philadelphia, United States

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