Phone Validation Service with 98% Accuracy Gets Rid of Bad Phone Data

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) August 19, 2013

RealPhoneValidation is an essential new tool for companies that rely on accurate, up to date phone data. It works by combining state of the art telephony technology together with a seamless API and web interface to quickly verify phone connectivity, eliminating a serious choke point.

With the leads industry showing a quick decline in quality over the past few years, RealPhoneValidation made a move to start cleaning up the industry. Building on their parent company’s 25 years in telephony, they have developed a service that solves an industry wide problem: telephone disconnects.

For those in the leads business, this is an opportunity to push problems back to the affiliates who provide a significant portion of the bad data in the market, and to re-contact those customers who enter bad data to begin with. The service is available in real-time as well as for batch processing.

By providing a product that vastly outperforms the industry standard of 75 percent accuracy, RealPhoneValidation is hoping to truly eliminate a problem that has plagued the industry for years, and has become a big business as data validation has grown.

RealPhoneValidation serves clients from hundreds to millions of calls per month. The company automates large data handling, giving buyers and sellers a trusted third party for phone verification. Prices start as low as a few pennies per call. Its comparable to making a simple phone call, and eliminates the need for a live body to make calls. RealPhoneValidation is offering 1,000 free trial validations so prospective clients can see this essential tool in action.

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About RealPhoneValidation:

Built for those in the contact industry, RealPhoneValidation is an API and batch processing service that is as simple as the name it really validates phones. To find out more, go to RealPhoneValidation is a service of TotalContactSolutions, Inc. dba VOISYS.

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