Photography Course [Half Day] for blogging, social media and PR

Photography Course [Half Day] for blogging, social media and PR
Event on 2015-06-08 14:00:00
Good stories need good quality photographs. Learn to make your editorial photographs look more professional, so they help you tell stories effectively. This course will help you improve your photography through practical lessons in composition, lighting and camera use. The lesson blends theory, practical and classroom based exercises. You will learn and practice simple techniques that will quickly and dramatically improve your photographs. Your tutor will guide you through practical sessions; shooting both indoors and outdoors, using Borough Market as your outside location. Bring your own camera or borrow one of our digital SLRs (extra cost applies). We keep this class small so you get individual supervision and feedback.   Who is the course for? Anybody that owns or wishes to buy an SLR or high-end 'prosumer' camera and wants to improve their photos by getting beyond 'automatic' mode. It's ideal for anybody publishing photos, especially for online publications, blogs, social media, marketing or PR materials. Am I ready for it? The course is for people that are already familiar with the basic functions of their camera, it is not an introduction to camera use, but a course for people looking to improve their current skills. Who teaches the course? The course is taught by Liton Ali, an ex journalist who spent much of his career covering celebrity and fashion events including London Fashion Week. Some of his work is publicily available for bloggers etc. to use: Is there an extended course? Yes – this is an 'essentials' version of our regular photography for online publishing course:     Course content Getting to grips with your SLR camera Beyond ‘automatic’ mode Mastering the 'exposure triangle' Using aperture value and shutter speed Using ISO speeds Using different lenses How to increase sharpness and reduce noise Photographic equipment that will improve your shots Shooting with 'depth of field' and 'bokeh' Lighting techniques Using daylight Flash photography Front, back, side lighting Diffusing, softening, bouncing How basic studio lighting works (you will not shot in a studio) Shooting in low light Shooting styles and composition  Portraits and headshots Events, crowds, stages Products and samples Landscapes/scenes Action and movement Creative shots Processing,  editing and publishing Selecting photos Basic editing Theory Planning ahead Composition, depth Getting in position Legal considerations

at Henshall Centre
The Hop Exchange , 24 Southwark Street
London, United Kingdom

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