PhotonQ-Stuart Hameroff on a Quantum Theory of Consciousness

PhotonQ-Stuart Hameroff on a Quantum Theory of Consciousness

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Stuart Hameroff presented us his work on a Quantum Theory of Consciousness back in 2010 at TEDx Brussels on his talk : Do we have a quantum Soul?.

"Dr. Hameroff’s research for 35 years has involved consciousness – how the pinkish gray meat between our ears produces the richness of experiential awareness. A clinical anesthesiologist, Hameroff has studied how anesthetic gas molecules selectively erase consciousness via delicate quantum effects on protein dynamics.

Following a longstanding interest in the computational capacity of microtubules inside neurons, Hameroff teamed with the eminent British physicist Sir Roger Penrose to develop a controversial quantum theory of consciousness called orchestrated objective reduction (Orch OR) which connects brain processes to fundamental spacetime geometry.

Recently Hameroff has explored the theoretical implications of Orch OR for consciousness to exist independent of the body, distributed in deeper, lower, faster scales in non-local, holographic spacetime, raising possible scientific approaches to the soul and spirituality."

Today Curious Mind, Alex Lightman shared an interesting article I thought I would share : Scientists Claim Brain Memory Code Cracked (PLoS) presenting it as :

"This memory code cracking is big news if you are interested in the SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS and survival of consciousness beyond the body, after death, and possible reincarnation either in a body of flesh or in virtual worlds via uploading.

The legacy of ROGER PENROSE just took a QUANTUM leap towards being even MORE MEMORABLE.

Penrose is famous for inspiring Stephen Hawking to the research that made Hawking the most famous living scientist via Penrose’ lectures on the LARGEST structures humans can remember…the universe, and, in particular, the role of BLACK HOLES and quantum physics on cosmology.

I find it amusing that we sometimes say that when we can’t remember the ideas went into a "black hole" because Penrose also teamed up with professor of anesthesiology Stuart Hameroff MD to explore the controversial Penrose-Hameroff "Orch OR" model of consciousness based on quantum computing in brain neuronal microtubules.

This theoretical research is somewhat reminiscent of BUCKMINSTER FULLER and his emphasis on geometry as a key explanatory force linking everything with everything else.

The recent finding bolster the Orch OR model, and this opens up doors for more scientists to explore consciousness.

"In Orch OR, Penrose physics connects brain microtubules to the most basic level of the universe – fundamental spacetime geometry at the Planck scale. At that level, Penrose had also proposed Platonic information could guide, or influence conscious choices and perceptions. Viewing consciousness as such a process in the fabric of the universe, Hameroff suggests, provides plausible scientific explanations for spirituality – inter-connectedness through entanglement, accessible Planck scale wisdom, and potential afterlife and reincarnation.""

Lesson of that day…Keeping on open mind, looking for answers outside the box, because even if only a very small part of this work / theories and others on Quantum Biology are correct, it has the potential to change the way we look at science and the world in many many ways. That ‘s what came out from his talk and our chat during lunch. Cool Curious Mind, Merci =)

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