PhotoReading Weekend Intensive & Belief Change Special – 1st – 3rd March 2013

PhotoReading Weekend Intensive & Belief Change Special – 1st – 3rd March 2013
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PhotoReading Mind Maximisation & Intuition Supercharger Weekend Intensive

Imagine being able to get through a 200-page book in just 30 minutes! 

PhotoReading® is a proven way to process written information faster than your logical mind can comprehend. It is not speed reading rather it is a way to tap the fullest power of your whole mind.

Sound too good to be true?  If dramatically reducing the time that you take to read, digest, understand, disseminate, and apply information is something you would like to learn how to do very quickly and easily, then read on and come and join us for the next PhotoReading Weekend Intensive or take a private one-to-one PhotoReading Coaching Session with Certified PhotoReading Instructor Marilyn Devonish.

“Marilyn is filled with a zest for life that spills over into her PhotoReading classes. When I first saw her teach, back in 2002, I knew that she was a natural facilitator. I was watching a woman who could make the steps of PhotoReading accessible to participants and help them “know” and believe in their own abilities to learn. What a gift she has and how fortunate you will be if you attend one of her workshops.”LYNETTE AYERS, PHOTOREADING MASTER INSTRUCTOR TRAINER, LEARNING STRATEGIES CORPORATION


At the time the following 'crying incident' happened with taking my written NLP Trainers Training exam I wasn't yet a PhotoReading Instructor, in fact I had never even taken a PhotoReading class, I'd simply taught myself using the PhotoReading Home Study Course: 

Studying and want to ace your professional or academic exams in record time?  If so, you MUST watch the the video below. 

Unknown to Neelam Bakshi (in the video below) and the other NLP Trainers Training candidates I had optimistically put a goal in my future Time Line that I would finish the 9 hour NLP Trainers Training written exam in 3 hours and not just finish but ace it, without revising and simply using PhotoReading. This seemed unlikely when 30 minutes before the exam I was in floods of tears because I suddenly realised my mind was blank . . . . . . . . watch this video to find out what happened next!

For those attending the PhotoReading Workshop and joining the PhotoReading MasterMind Group, I will take you through the exact same process that I used to study for and pass my NLP Trainers Training exam with flying colours.  Think there must be something special about me?  Nope, I still had a valid Doctors Medical Certificate that gave me extra time in my Accountancy exams because my memory was so bad.  All of that changed pretty much instantly after learning PhotoReading.



Hands down one of the most useful courses I have ever been on. ENTREPRENEUR

“This really shifts your ideas and thoughts on what you think is possible.”  Marilyn you are a very unique and highly inspirational coach and the blend of skills you use is tremendously potent.”  COMPUTER PROGRAMMER

PhotoReading unleashed a bright light in me that I can now shine on all parts of my life.  I personally thank you Marilyn from the bottom of my heart for being you.  You teach in such a warm and professional manner and this enables us to learn more in a trusted environment.  Your interaction with the whole group was very supportive and you delivered the course material to a very high standard.”  MOTHER OF 4


PhotoReading unleashes your inner excellence with you may have been oblivious to previously.  It opens your peripheral radar and mind to a whole new world of opportunities to enjoy life to it’s maximum!  Fantastic.”  STUDENT

PhotoReading is definitely about much more than about reading.  It surely activates ideas already inside about pretty much anything one wants to accomplish.”  I would like to thank you for your honesty and sincerity in your transmission.  Full of energy and ‘real ness’ in delivery." COACH & SPEAKER

Amazing.  Everybody should try out the PhotoReading course because it really helps you in life.”  STUDENT (11 years old) 




Once you learn to PhotoRead, you will enjoy these benefits:

  • Effortless reading and better comprehension
  • Memory enhancement and focused attention
  • Improved performance at work
  • New outlook and possibilities throughout life
  • Greater access to your intuition
  • More free time to do what you want to do when you want to do it

If you would like to learn how to PhotoRead then do join us!



I received an e-mail a couple of weeks ago from Morena Russell.  Morena is a Trainee Accountant and attended my PhotoReading Workshop in February 2012 because she realised that with the amount of studying to be done, and the pace at which she was going, she was facing an uphill struggle to get everything done in time.

The e-mail was written just 6 days after completing the PhotoReading workshop so it’s even more impressive given that she went from knowing nothing about PhotoReading to being able to go home and immediately apply it with such dramatic results. 

Before attending the PhotoReading Workshop it was taking Morena 2-months to get through just 1 text book.  Just 6-days after attending the PhotoReading Workshop she blasted through a text book in just 1 week (18 hours to be precise).  Going from 2 months to just one week is an awesome result for a beginning PhotoReader studying this type of material. 

Even if you’re not studying for an exam, just imagine how much time and stress you can save yourself in both your working and personal life.

For you FREE 12-Page PhotoReading Overview pdf go to:

Anyway, Morena has very kindly given me permission to share her e-mail so you can read a copy below:

Hi Marilyn, 

Hope you are well 🙂 I just wanted to give you an update on my PhotoReading experience. I would like to share it but I don't think other people will really get it at this stage… You may remember that I have this big task of preparing for three Accountancy exams coming up in June. 

I'm still feel that I have a lot to improve in terms of my technique, but comparing to my previous experience where I would take over a month just to go through each study book and then another month for the practice exercises. This time I managed to PhotoRead (and Activate) the first book in a week (18hrs). It is still a lot if you compare to experienced PhotoReaders but for me, it's been really magic.

And I also have my mind maps (I never had the 'time' to make notes on my previous studies) and I can get through them if I have questions on my next stage which will be the exam practice questions. I still have the other two books to go but I feel really confident and I think my technique is improving as I use it. I am also more able to concentrate, more focused and more in contact with my inner mind through my dreams… And this is just the beginning! 🙂 

Hope you'll have a lovely rest of week! 

Kind regards, 


Morena achieved all of this within 6 days of walking out of the PhotoReading Workshop on the Sunday night.  She had no prior knowledge of PhotoReading before making the decision to invest in the 2½ days.  Regardless of whether you are studying, or simply want to use the skills to improve your performance in your work, career or personal life, imagine being able to save that amount oftime in whatever you apply yourself to.



I have seen people use PhotoReading in countless numbers of ways since starting to teach the class over 10 years ago.  However, this for me was a first.  An Author and Spiritual Coach attended my workshop and came up to me on the Friday night (the first evening of the Course) and said "I have more than got my monies worth, I could happily leave now so everything else will be a bonus!"  To find out why you can listen to the audio testimonial at: 

A 10-YEAR FIRST! Having achieved great results with my one to one Breakthrough and Coaching Clients using Access Consciousness and Huna I decided to experiment and add a Bonus 1-Hour session at the end of the first evening of the PhotoReading Workshop, the intention being to start removing some of the blocks, barriers, and limitations that might stand in the way of delegates getting the most out of the PhotoReading Weekend. I did an hour long Access and Huna Session at the end of the first evening to clear the beliefs that often get in the way of fully integrating PhotoReading.  When it came to the official session on Sunday relating to blocks and barriers to PhotoReading there was absolutely nothing to work on or be discussed.  That is a first in the 10 years that I’ve been teaching the class!! 

Below are a couple of the comments relating to the additional 1-Hour Group Belief Change Session:

“Initially I was cynical about the eliminating beliefs session.  But just as long as you’re open and receptive you are able to feel the changes!  Really valuable in this course!”

“The belief change session for me was one of many highlights of the PhotoReading course.  It safely enabled me to accept the limiting belief I ‘had’ and then to simply let it go and trust myself that I can now move on.  Thus realising my true potential and skill base.”

“The belief change session has honestly changed my outlook on life.  If you have only been doing this at the past few sessions, the it is DEFINITELY going to be part of your future PhotoReading workshops. 🙂

The first Belief Change Session will take place on the Friday evening of the course, with further Huna and Access work integrated throughout the entire weekend.

If you are unable to attend the full PhotoReading Weekend Workshop but would like to come along and experience a taster of PhotoReading and the first Belief Change Session you can book to come along for the Friday evening, just select the 'Intro & Accelerated Belief Change' ticket above.


You will find additional information about the Huna and Access Consciousness Belief Breakthrough Sessions at: What is PhotoReading?

PhotoReading is a whole mind system for reading, learning, absorbing, and recalling information more efficiently. It is designed to work in line with the way that the mind and brain naturally processes, stores, and retrieves information.How does it work?

The PhotoReading whole mind system is designed in tap into the brain's natural mechanisms and engages the whole mind in the reading, learning and recall process. Understanding that you naturally learn best by taking things in over a period of time and in layers, the system taps into that process and makes reading and study quick and easy.I've never heard of PhotoReading, when was it developed?

Paul Scheele M.A developed the system in 1985 whilst studying for his doctorate in adult learning and human development technologies. The first seminar was designed and run for IDS/American Express in January 1986. Paul has been developing and improving the system for wider usage ever since.

Who is running the Secret of PhotoReading workshop?

The course will be run by Marilyn Devonish, the Director of Trance Formations Limited.  Marilyn trained with the creator of PhotoReading, Paul Scheele in Minneapolis in March 2002.  Marilyn has been a PhotoReader for over 8 years and is one of the longest established PhotoReading Instructors in the UK.


The term "system" sounds complicated, how long does it take to learn?

The PhotoReading Whole Mind System is surprisingly easy to learn and you can be PhotoReading within a matter of hours. Once you understand the 5 key steps, you can use them in any order or combination depending on your needs and requirements. One to one clients have been able to grasp the concepts in just in about half a day.Can anyone learn to PhotoRead?

Yes. Anyone from the age of approximately 9 to 90 can master the system. It works equally well for those suffering from conditions such as dyslexia and dyspraxia.What are the benefits of PhotoReading?

PhotoReading allows you to read more in less time, and be able to more easily recall and remember what you read. Typically a book, which might take 10 hours to read in a traditional way, can be PhotoRead and more fully understood in 2 -3 hours with greater comprehension. Unlike speed-reading, there are no drills to learn, once you've learnt the techniques you've learnt them for good. The system allows you to get your reading and studying done in a fraction of the time and to the level of comprehension you need. As well as helping you to read faster you can also improve your memory, productivity, efficiency, and motivation.What have other people said about PhotoReading?

Paul McKenna, Hypnotherapist and TV Presenter said: "PhotoReading has amazing potential for helping people use more of their brain to accelerate learning".

John Grinder, Co-Developer of NLP said: "We live in an unbalanced world" [the analytical taking over from the creative] "The PhotoReading whole mind system as developed by Paul Scheele represents an excellent advance in redressing this imbalance".

Win Wenger, author of The Einstein Factor said: "PhotoReading appears to be the natural step forward in the evolution of human reading skills".

Derren Brown, star of Channel 4's Mind Control recently demonstrated his PhotoReading skills on the show during a segment filmed at the British Library 


Dr Claire Gaudry will be running a special Brain Brilliance Bonus Session as part of the September 2012 PhotoReading Workshop.  

Dr Gaudry is a neuro scientist and will be sharing powerful concepts about how you can further maximise your personal and work potential.  Claire ran a session for us last year and the delegates were blown away with her ease of explanation and the impact that the session had.

A personal note from Dr Gaudry:

"I am delighted to have been invited by Marilyn to help you engage even more brain potential. Photoreading is a magical activity from the view point of the brain as it consciously exercises and engages many brain functions otherwise left untapped. I will be delighted to introduce you to some aspects of the ‘unconscious’ world of the brain in order to help you make your brain more ready and open for learning. Did you know that you have the ability to feel and change the electromagnetic field of your brain at will? You’re about to find out more… Looking forward to meeting you."

Dr Claire Gaudry

How can I find out more?

For details of PhotoReading one to one coaching sessions and corporate training courses, you can contact Marilyn Devonish on:
Tel: +44 1923 337282
E-mail:  Web:

To download your Free 12-Page PhotoReading pdf go to:

at Jurys Inn Hotel
Clarendon Road
Watford, United Kingdom

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