PHP SEO Slug URL Generator

PHP SEO Slug URL Generator

Using regular expressions we create a quick and effective way to generate a friendly slug that can be used in a URL, including support for special characters…

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7 Responses to PHP SEO Slug URL Generator

  1. mackedack says:

    Make a url shortener!

  2. Adrian Voicu says:

    as I see it, you didn’t really converted the string to safe url. the character “a” still is a special character. is an “a” with accent.

  3. Tomas Cordero says:

    Anyone know what software he uses to record his videos?

  4. Franklin Waller says:

    Will you do a tutorial on how to set this as an url?

  5. Mann G says:

    Can u do Search Engine Optimisation tutorials pls???. Next big thing in web industry ….Thanks a lot

  6. FirstPersonShitter says:

    very nice thanks a lot 

  7. AarClay says:

    This is a nice tutorial!

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