Physician-Invented Cold and Flu Prevention Product Swype Shield Shown to be Highly-Effective in Lab Tests

Jacksonville, FL (PRWEB) September 25, 2013

Swype Shield, a physician-invented cold and flu prevention product, killed more than 99 percent of 25 cold and flu viruses in lab testing. The clear gel is safely and conveniently applied on the nostrils, which is where cold and flu viruses most often enter the body.

My experience as an immunologist and virologist was critical in understanding how and why people contract colds and flu, and how to address the problem, said Dr. Kent New, founder and principal partner, Swype Shield. Being a father of three young kids was added incentive, because of how rapidly colds and flu spread in our home, as is the case in homes, schools and places of work everywhere.

The active ingredients in Swype Shield are non-toxic and safe to apply to the skin multiple times a day. In fact, the individual ingredients can be found in other skin-cleaning products. Dr. New discovered the particular combination and concentration that is tolerable to the skin, yet highly effective at killing viruses that cause the majority of upper-respiratory illnesses. During product development, an independent laboratory performed dilution studies to determine the lowest concentration of each ingredient required to effectively neutralize viruses. Once the optimal combination of active ingredients was determined, extensive lab testing resulted in a clinically significant reduction of all 25 cold and flu viruses tested. More recent testing also confirmed the combination is effective against the virus responsible for the SARS outbreak, one of the most aggressive infectious organisms ever isolated.

Visit the following link to review the clinical and lab test results for Swype Shield and click for additional information. This link includes a video of Dr. New discussing how colds and flu are contracted and details about the product. Swype Shield can be ordered at for $ 8.99 per tube, with free shipping for orders of $ 25 or more. A special offer is available for $ 1 off a single tube and $ 5 off a family pack using promotional code HealthySeason2013.

About Nuance Health, LLC

The company behind Swype Shield is Nuance Health, LLC., headed by husband and wife team Dr. Kent New and Jennifer Sawyer New. Swype Shield is the first of many products to come from Nuance Health, developed based on science and compassion and designed to help people lead healthier, more productive and happier lives. The company is committed to social responsibility and giving back, donating product, money and support to those in need and organizations that inspire us.

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