Picaboo Yearbooks Parent Company Rated Best Overall Photo Book Provider in Wall Street Journal Article

(PRWEB) January 07, 2013

In the Wall Street Journal article Pages of Memories Done in Less than an Hour, Picaboo Yearbooks parent company Picaboo beat out three major competitors — Blurb, MyPublisher and Shutterfly — and was rated best overall photo book provider.

With Picaboo, photos uploaded quickly and the layout looked good, requiring minimal tweaking, wrote Alina Dizik in the December 31, 2012 article. We liked the album’s vintage travel theme. The site allowed the most customization of layouts, including adding more than 10 small photos per page.

Bryan Payne, President of Picaboo Yearbooks, stated that the Wall Street Journals accolades are in line with what he and his team of nationwide, locally-based Sales Consultants have been hearing from schools and other customers since Picaboos yearbook division launched in September, 2012.

Picaboos acclaimed photo book creating and editing software is fundamentally the same system and interface we use at Picaboo Yearbooks, commented Bryan Payne, President of Picaboo Yearbooks. However, we have taken that core engine and integrated features that are specific to yearbooks, such as backgrounds, templates, clip art, section management, collaboration and birds eye views, a powerful portrait manager that lets schools import PSPA photography discs, the ability to easily edit auto flow individual student portraits, and more. Weve also created a turnkey storefront that schools can easily set-up so they can sell their yearbooks online. The storefront handles everything, from secure credit card processing to efficient order management. Essentially, weve taken the same customer-centric philosophy that created the top-ranked photo book application, and leveraged it to revolutionize a yearbook industry that has been anything but `user-friendly for decades!

Payne further noted that, in addition to its technology, Picaboo Yearbooks business model is like nothing that the industry has ever known.

Many schools wont even consider doing a yearbook, because theyre terrified about going into debt and putting their school at financial risk especially in todays challenging economic climate. Our yearbook business model permanently solves this, because there are no minimum order requirements, no minimum purchase requirements, and yearbooks start at only $ 8.49, and are delivered within only three weeks.

Payne also had some good news for schools that arent in a financial position to purchase a hardcover or softcover yearbook, yet still want to share the yearbook experience with staff and students: they can create a Picaboo eYearbook at no cost, with no print obligation or any strings attached. Their eYearbook can then be viewed on PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

And our revolutionary approach doesnt even stop there! continued Payne. Were leading the way in empowering students to personalize the cover and inside pages of each yearbook. For the first time, students wont be saddled with generic, one-size-fits-all yearbooks that arent about them. Now, theyll create something that truly captures their memories and experiences. We believe that every school and every student deserves a yearbook one that theyll cherish for generations!

Schools and other organizations that want to learn more about Picaboo Yearbooks can visit http://yearbooks.picaboo.com/.

About Picaboo Yearbooks

Picaboo Yearbooks, which launched September, 2012, is a division of Picaboo: a premier provider of photo books. Picaboo Yearbooks believes that every school and student deserves a great yearbook, and is revolutionizing the yearbook industry through easy-to-use web app technology that empowers customers to: easily collaborate and create a personalized yearbook in no time; order as few or as many yearbooks as they need for the same affordable price; and have their top quality yearbooks shipped within three weeks. Schools and other customers can also create a professional, feature-filled eYearbook at no-cost, and easily setup a storefront to sell and manage yearbook sales online. Learn more at http://yearbooks.picaboo.com/.

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