Picasa 3 Collage

Picasa 3 Collage

A ‘Show Me How’ video from Geeks on Tour. Taking a quick look at the new Picasa 3 Collage feature. Scrapbookers will love it! High resolution version on www.GeeksOnTour.com
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9 Responses to Picasa 3 Collage

  1. photogenic305 says:

    Thank You for the tutorial.

  2. Stanton Satijon says:

    ne tvaja dela supistas lenke !

  3. Sabii677 says:

    Co wy tam pierdolcie ?

  4. SenselessProd says:

    Hello again 240p…

  5. burnford1177 says:

    thanks for uploading this video.

  6. SpaceAmbientz says:

    fuck you asshole

  7. jdiayassine says:

    you have a voice like my Grandma 

  8. Mohammad Nur Langa says:

    Nice tutorial video..:) Gomawoyo..:) Here’s another tutorial in making a collage in picasa, but this one teaches how to locate the pic for upload in facebook..:) hummingtechwalls.blogspot.com

  9. HOAWikia says:


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