Picasa: Folders vs Albums

What is the difference between a folder and an album when using Picasa? This video answers your questions. www.mosallphotography.com.
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  1. Emily62004 says:

    Pretty Kool Mike!!

  2. Bernie R says:

    Good vid. I know you can move pix (files) around and perhaps albums, but to move or arrange folders has been difficult i.e. my stupid and/or poss. offensive folder was in the midst of my more serious image collection folders and I could not move the damn thing somewhere else…unless overlooked, I’ll have to create albums to segregate these separate personality traits. trooo?

  3. Bernie R says:

    “Never” is an awfully strong word. One could always restore their computer back to a previous time (day) and rescue precious images (cuz I dun did dat). [on pc windows 7..start–>control panel–>restore–>restore points–> okay]. If you have something of equal sentimental value downloaded in recent days, you’ll have to decide which is more important 2 U…or….make a backup onto flashdrive 1st, then restore.

  4. Jp Armstrong says:

    What if my PC crashes? Will I be able to use Picasa as a back-up and recover photos?

  5. lin deister says:

    Thanks I needed that!

  6. tashacrane says:

    great info! Thanks!

  7. mrmuggs01 says:

    This is very good info and very well explained. I now understand the difference. Thanks

  8. orcaslady says:

    Thanks Mike, great info!

  9. les vanderhoof says:

    thank you

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