Picasa: Folders vs Albums

What is the difference between a folder and an album when using Picasa? This video answers your questions. www.mosallphotography.com.
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9 thoughts on “Picasa: Folders vs Albums

  1. Good vid. I know you can move pix (files) around and perhaps albums, but to move or arrange folders has been difficult i.e. my stupid and/or poss. offensive folder was in the midst of my more serious image collection folders and I could not move the damn thing somewhere else…unless overlooked, I’ll have to create albums to segregate these separate personality traits. trooo?

  2. “Never” is an awfully strong word. One could always restore their computer back to a previous time (day) and rescue precious images (cuz I dun did dat). [on pc windows 7..start–>control panel–>restore–>restore points–> okay]. If you have something of equal sentimental value downloaded in recent days, you’ll have to decide which is more important 2 U…or….make a backup onto flashdrive 1st, then restore.

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