Pictoguard To Launch Celebrity Vision Campaign, Fall 2014

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 28, 2014

Pictoguard announced that it will be launching its inaugural Celebrity Vision campaign late fall of this year, which will feature a moderated video series from top and rising celebrity personalities across the television, film, music and fashion industries. The Celebrity Vision Campaign will give viewers insight into the challenges of approaching business in a visual world and the significance of having a strong online brand.

The purpose of the campaign is to educate the public on the merits and importance of building a favorable online presence that will open doors to occupational and educational opportunities, said Global Client Service VP, Traci Turton. It is truly our belief through factual data and personal testimonies that a Google name search can make or break you, whether you are famous or not.

Executives at Pictoguard made a decision to develop the celebrity filled educational campaign on image awareness following a successful 6-month pilot offering online image services to the general public, which expands their reach beyond the usual exclusive celebrity clientele. Turton asserts, Image branding begins from the moment you make a digital imprint of yourself. Thanks to Google, everyday people have to worry about being passed up for jobs or admittance into school, for the way they are perceived on the Internet.

Pictoguard officials are set to kick-off the Celebrity Vision campaign this Fall by highlighting one celebrity each month in a three minute video on the homepage of their website http://www.pictoguard.com. The focused narrative will reveal their real-life experiences booking jobs with a less than stellar online portfolio and how they were able to take back control to create more interest in their brand.

Featured celebrities in the first wave of the campaign will include talent from the Fast & Furious franchise and Bravos new 2014 Fall reality show Euros of Hollywood. Executives at the Online Public Relations firm will also include up and coming independent talent to share their insights on best practices for a solid online image.

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