Pilot boat Pathfinder in Storm force 10, with 8m seas

Pilot boat ‘Pathfinder’ Port of Southampton in Storm foce 10 & 8m seas of Cork, Ireland
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23 Responses to Pilot boat Pathfinder in Storm force 10, with 8m seas


    That looks like good fun playing around in the harbour entrance. Now imagine trying to board a pilot from a ship.

  2. CanadianSpok says:

    i think youd shit your pants at that point

  3. RelentlessTruth7 says:

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  4. pleszak78 says:

    This music played in heads crew of this ship during storms ;)

  5. CorePathway says:

    They are still cleaning vomit off the ceiling…

  6. MegaDan129 says:

    Yeehaw Son!….shame it’s filmed in Ireland :)

  7. bu11monkey says:


  8. decapitation cartel says:

    awesome boat

  9. Iain White says:

    also one of the few people who can say he surfs a boat for a living 😛

  10. Iain White says:

    could just be me but i want a shot at sailing through that?

  11. James Dean says:

    52 people obviously can’t swim.

  12. ianrkav says:

    It says what it is in the description underneath the video on the right. Valentine by T’pau.

  13. belgy88 says:

    allahu akbar 

  14. Ben Okopnik says:

    I’ve spent the last 25 years on the water, and I’d never seen a boat that can handle that kind of sea that easily. Great job of steering, of course, but that’s one seriously impressive boat.

  15. Acceleratorzzz says:

    How did they film it?

  16. LACajuninNC1 says:

    Now I’m good and seasick… LOL…. Love the music could listen to it all day

  17. Sebol811 says:

    Drink vodka on this boat, is nightmare. ;D

  18. holydemon520 says:

    imagine thats happend while you take a shit xD

  19. pawel085 says:

    My favorite movie. Music and the wind in the background chosen perfectly. Love it.

  20. joannrobbins555 says:

    Hebrews 6:19 – We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. God’s Word is an Anchor for the soul [our mind, will and emotions]

  21. timothybarnas says:

    u must be proud of that amazing pathfinder grate job not dieing this time.. be carfull

  22. 7supersnake7 says:

    great boat and captain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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