Pingar and Stealth Software Announce a Strategic Alliance for Secure Big Data Analytics on Premise and in the Cloud

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) November 13, 2012

Pingar, a leader in document understanding tools and technology, and Stealth Software, a leader in secure and transparent cloud based storage and storage infrastructure solutions, jointly announced today at the SharePoint 2012 Conference in Las Vegas, that they have forged a partnership. Through the use of Pingars technology, Stealth Software will leverage Pingars platform to improve the search experience for business users by automating the analysis of documents to create meaningful context for classifying, navigating and quickly identifying their significance.

Both Pingar and Stealth Software are exhibiting at #SPC12. Pingar can be found at booth 364 and Stealth Software is located at booth 825.

To our customers, content is king, and a partnership with Pingar means our users get richer information, increased understanding, and greater value from their big data. In addition, we will be able to leverage Stealth Softwares world leading capabilities with regard to SharePoint and .Net environments, says Gerard Warrens, CEO, Stealth Software.

By bringing entity extraction to the Stealth Content Store, Stealth is extending additional functionality to its users. In a better together scenario, organizations will benefit through greater user adoption, improved search, and the ability to incorporate secured content into structure business processes. Stealths ability to collect and secure large amounts of content, and Pingars ability to understand unstructured text, also introduces a new opportunity for the Big Data market.

Peter Wren-Hilton, CEO of Pingar says, We see this as a strategic, long-term relationship for two companies addressing critical business issues facing millions of SharePoint customers on a global scale. We look forward to further integration of the two technologies in the coming months.

The Pingar and Stealth Content Store bundle is available now. For more information on Pingar visit For more information on Stealth Software Content Store visit

About Pingar

Pingar is a platform agnostic metadata generation and classification software company focusing on unstructured data. Using the power of text mining, natural language processing and artificial intelligence, Pingars process is intuitive, its API works seamlessly with existing enterprise content management systems and yields more contextually relevant results. Pingar enables enterprises to extract information and transform that information into intelligence.

Pingar has headquarters in New Zealand with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, India and Hong Kong. Follow Pingar on Twitter @PingarHQ

The company is an Exhibiting Sponsor at the 2012 SharePoint conference in Las Vegas booth #364

About Stealth Software

Stealth Software is dedicated to enable data owners to securely and transparently manage the explosive growth of unstructured data. Last year, 1.8 trillion GBs (1.8 Zetabytes) of information was generated. The amount of data is increasing 9 fold every 5 years. 80% to 90% of the data generated is unstructured data. Stealth Software is uniquely positioned to address key requirements around scalability and performance, cost, complexity and management overhead reduction, security, IP Protection and compliance as well as business continuity and seamless and secure backup (to the cloud).

The company is a Silver Sponsor at the 2012 SharePoint conference in Las Vegas booth #825.

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