Pinterest WordPress Theme that Is Socially Integrated and Mobile Responsive – Bloggers Rejoice Over Pinsomo’s Release

(PRWEB) September 12, 2012

PinSomo has become the favorite Pinterest WordPress theme for online SMEs and non-profit users alike. Not only is it easy to use, but it is incredibly effective in building a traffic and readership to a website. Because of PinSomo, any user has the potential to increase site traffic easily, with the simple change of a wordpress theme. Many users have been revived from the backlash of the Google Panda and Penguin updates, creating more and more happy customers.

The creator of PinSomo, Daniel Tan, realized that many users were struggling to rank high enough or even appear in the SERPs to remain competitive in their online marketing and sales efforts, especially since the Google Panda and Penguin updates. They needed a way to bring in traffic. Daniel saw the opportunity there, and putting the worlds fastest growing social site currently and this together, he found a solution. Daniels years of search engine optimization expertise has definitely paid off as he created the first social-mobile Pinterest theme for wordpress, PinSomo. Obviously, this wasnt made exclusively for users just to generate more site traffic. Daniel also pointed out how Amazon affiliate sites that use heaps of visual content to generate sales should be using PinSomo — because it makes sense. Research has even shown how enjoyed more sales traffic generated from people who viewed images from their site.

This Pinterest WordPress theme also incorporates Social and Mobile functionalities, meaning to say that not only will it generate traffic, it is also socially integrated with Facebook OpenGraph and Insights, which basically consolidates the data (their habitual patterns in navigating the site) and puts all that data into an easily interpretable graph. It also has a mobile responsiveness design which adjusts the layout and graphics of the website in accordance to the screen size of any viewing device. I believed that PinSomo appeals to both online businesses as well as users that just simply want to gain some internet popularity. But at the end of the day, when we talk our walk, we walk our talk. Thats why we have happy customers. Its because we deliver what we promise., Daniel explains.

One user, Brett had this to say to Daniel about PinSomo, “Daniel, this new and improved wordpress theme is a freakin wonder. Im pretty decent when it comes to web marketing and management, but its impossible to keep track and monitor the traffic performance of a site and all the changes on whether to make-or-break the site just becomes heavy guesswork. But with PinSomo, Im now able to see the effects for myself and not just take your word for it. I can easily adjust the site accordingly to what my visitors are basically doing — all through Facebook! This is all too easy, Daniel. This is truly the best Pinterest WordPress theme.”

About PinSomo: PinSomo is a WordPress Theme that was created by Daniel Tan in order to help internet marketers improve sales by improving site traffic. More than $ 4,000 was put into creating this theme and its popularity has grown tremendously mainly because people seriously took on the idea of having a website that looked like Pinterest in order to generate more site traffic, which sparked off that potential of being able to convert all that traffic into profit.

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