Pioneers of Digital: Read the Stories Behind 20 Entrepreneurs Who Have Reshaped the Internet

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 31 August 2012

Beyond Gates, Jobs, Zuckerberg, Brin and Page there are scores of innovators and entrepreneurs who have reshaped the way advertising, marketing, search and social media work. In Pioneers of Digital Paul Springer and Mel Carson circle the world from the US to the UK, Europe to Asia, to interview the people who have developed groundbreaking technologies and businesses, discovered new ways to reach new audiences, and those who have explored new areas of the internet to make the web look the way it does today. These are the individuals whose entrepreneurial spirit has created captivating connections with consumers in a multitude of different ways.

Here you will meet:

June Cohen who brought the famous TED Talks to the web via videos that have been viewed one BILLION times
Stephen Fry, celebrity, early-adopter, globally revered prolific blogger and Twitter power-user
Denzyl Feigelson, iTunes Store music visionary who came up with the 99c download and devised a way for Artists Without A Label to drive their own careers
Martha Lane Fox, original dotcom entrepreneur, co-founder of and the UK governments digital champion
Jaron Lanier, the father of virtual reality and computer game creator turned social media detractor
Thomas Gensemer, of Blue State Digital created Obamas 2008 online campaign in 10 days
Chinas Qi Lu, software engineer at Yahoo! for 10 years, now the brains behind Microsofts Bing
Vanessa Fox, search marketing guru and inventor of Googles Webmaster Tools
John Winsor who created crowdsourcing advertising that led to the founding of agency Victors & Spoils
Indias Avinash Kaushik who made web analytics accessible through best-selling books and his role as Googles digital marketing evangelist
Malcom Poynton the driving force behind Doves global campaign for Real Beauty
Kyle Macdonald, the man who used the internet to trade up from a paperclip to a house and then carved a career on the back of it

These are just some of the 20 stories that span multiple disciplines, platforms, campaigns and industries across the digital space from big brand advertising to search engine optimization, from political campaigning to virtual reality, from social activism to digital creativity, from online video to celebrity social media.

These are the unsung people who, to industry insiders, are synonymous with digital innovators, early adopters, real-time adapters and entrepreneurs.

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Paul Springer is communications professor and head of research for Design, Media and Management at Buckinghamshire New University. He writes for Admap, Brand Strategy and China Advertising and is the author of Ads to Icons also published by Kogan Page. Follow Paul at

Mel Carson is a world-renowned expert on search marketing, social media and online advertising. An industry veteran, his most notable role has been a seven year stint as Microsoft Advertising’s Digital Marketing Evangelist. He’s an accomplished industry blogger and speaks at conferences around the world such as SES in New York and the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Social Media Forum in London. Based in Seattle, he’s also lectured on MBA and MSc courses. Follow Mel at and his blog:

Notes to the editor: Pioneers of Digital published by Kogan Page, October 2012

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