Pitchers Power Drive Announces Power Drive Performance

Boston, MA (PRWEB) August 29, 2012

Pitchers Power Drive (TM) today is pleased to announce Power Drive Performance as the new company over the four training aid brands, the Softball Power Drive, Hitters Power Drive, Golfers Power Drive and the original US Patent Pitchers Power Drive. “We are happy to now have a corporate umbrella company web site http://www.powerdriveperformance.com where customers can research and learn about all four Power Drive Performance training aids that teach athletes to use their stronger lower body muscles, said John Miller, president, of Pitchers Power Drive.

The Power Drive Performance training aids are designed to help baseball/softball pitchers, hitters and golfers to initiate their power through the swing or pitch delivery by starting with their back hip and leg. This initiates the kinetic power chain to achieve higher performance with less stress on muscles and joints. The training aids virtually connect the lower and upper body to work in sync with proper weight distribution and timing of transfer.

Miller said, All four products are designed for their specific sport through proper plate angles, weight, heights and pendulum design”. They all operate on an athletes gravitational force with their natural momentum pitch delivery, hitting or golf swing. This gravitational force design without springs is essential to game action training as continuous momentum is very important for creating power. Springs would create hitches and robotic movements which prevents an athlete from generating their natural game time momentum and power.

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