Pixie on You Tube with Elizabeth Kucinich

Pixie on You Tube with Elizabeth Kucinich

Image by pixieclipx
This is a video clip from You Tube. Video was taken at a political fundraising event for presidential candidate Congressman Dennis Kucinich. I am shown here just after shaking the hand of his wife, Elizabeth Kucinich, who spoke on his behalf. It was cool to meet her, and the event was enlightening. I met some nice people, including Peggy, who posted this video on You Tube.


5 thoughts on “Pixie on You Tube with Elizabeth Kucinich

  1. You move around….. It cracks me up that I’ve been on flickr for almost 2 years and you are the second person in pictures I’ve seen actually move…. Now down to Dennis business….what really sucks about the media is they they pay way too much attention to the appearance of his wife rather than his ideas about how to run the country.

  2. it’s funny too, i never even thought about using this medium before, i think i will make one, just for fun, and post it, so you can all see me, alive and in living color, without E.K. well, Elizabeth sure can hold her own, she is a great speaker and I was quite impressed by her. Yes, she is a raving beauty too, so very PR on the part of the campaign, but she is a has degrees and a masters in some very tough subjects, including terrorism. She really knows her stuff. So, I think they send her out on the road to speak for Dennis because she can, she is a brain. And she does convey his ideas about how he will run the country. She can answer any question posed to her. — Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  3. http://www.ledger-dispatch.com/news/newsview.asp?c=234390&to... This looks familiar. I found the article on buzzflash.com. I go there for my news. It’s a pretty good recap of all the news that the media sees not fit to print.Cheers!

  4. yup, she made 7 appearances in the Sacramento and Sierra Foothills areas that day. Talk about a lot of driving. Jackson is at least another hour away from where we saw her in Gold River (a place I had never even heard of before). Jackson is on Hwy. 88, on the way to South lake Tahoe.

  5. hi Paula, nice to see you again………..She looks very young, so how old is she anyway? I think he hasn’t gotten much of the recognition he deserved, in fact, I think he is suing my state right now. good to see u………..pt

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