Pizza and Brainstorming with LABi: Assessing Societal Need

Pizza and Brainstorming with LABi: Assessing Societal Need
Event on 2016-08-22 17:30:00
The discussion will focus on assessing societal need for your business. This is an informal session and attendees are welcome to discuss their specific business case/scenario with the group. Pizza will be provided. You have a business. You want to start a business. You have a product. You have a potential product. You have an enabling technology. You have an idea for a product. Who needs it? Why is it needed? Is the need known or does it have to be established? Is the product physical, mental, informational or a service? What can it do, enable, or enhance? This session deals with the needs of society and humanity, collectively and individually. And since need drives demand, it can help you assess demand for your product or service, or develop a plan to build demand. About Andy Andrews: Generalist, engineer, MBA, former art gallery owner, Internet marketer, skilled negotiator, and college instructor are among the words describing Andy Andrews. He has over forty years of experience in general management; research and development; information technology; line, program and project management; engineering and systems analysis; simulation; internet marketing, international negotiations, and military operations. A true creative, he started and ran a cognitive systems engineering group to develop bleeding edge computer-based training and was a leader in the early development of distance learning. A West Point graduate, Andy is a retired Army officer with three graduate degrees and the former president of the Los Alamos Entrepreneurs’ Network. About Bob Nolan: Post-doctoral fellow at Wayne State University (two years) performing a 16 step synthesis of a present day anti-tumor agent utilizing never before used synthetic processes; Materials Scientist synthesizing target materials (18 refereed publications and four patents) at KMS Fusion performing laser fusion for energy purposes (nine years); These materials were then formed into hollow shells. These shells were then diffused into the central core with tritium and deuterium. These shells had to be handled at low temperature to avoid the deterioration of the shell walls by tritium decay. Some of these materials are still in use in laser fusion. Also, obtained a patent for a Laser Apodizer applying copper sulfate in a dimethyl sulfoxide solution in a custom designed cell that shaped the laser pulse at very high laser power densities. Materials Scientist, Program Manager and Project Leader at LANL (Los Alamos National Laboratory) for 23 years in Weapons Division & Program Office – Program Manager to construct the Weapon’s Engineering Tritium Facility, responsible for writing Safety Analysis Report, obtained first DOE approval for a Cat. II nuclear facility under new DOE regulations which were based upon navy nuclear safety regulations. Performed research on separating tritium gas from other gases in a tritium operating system clean-up system utilizing commercially available separators and obtained a patent for this work, also, was the major professor for two MS students, while they were doing their research at LANL. Both obtained their MS degrees and performed the research leading to the separation patent. Owned the largest sporting goods store (~6500 sq ft. & M in inventory) in Los Alamos Owns two home businesses paying both Los Alamos license and state taxes Retired from LANL in 2008 and then in 2010 started working for a small A&E firm in Los Alamos and was Project Manager for many LANL design, construction and energy audits.

at Downtown Los Alamos
109 Central Park Square
Los Alamos, United States

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