is Proven in Bringing More Sales to Businesses on the web– is the Most Effective Advertising, Marketing and Web Submission Company – Brought to top listings.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 6, 2006 becomes most client referenced web submission company. Best Price and incomparable service when judged with any web promotion company.

“As an example – Visit the world’s best search engines GOOGLE,Dogpile,YAHOO,MSN,EXCITE,ASK and ANY others and type “fastest computers” – How did our #1 supported client get as the highest rated NON-SPONSORED company? (Sponsored companies have to pay their way, which is no sign of true internet listing) undeniably knows more about getting companies noticed. Any other major computer company spends millions and never can achieve what does for the best pricing on the net. perfects web promotion for businesses in these ways:

1) runs 24 hours a day/7 days a week, so the client site is always in the system and constantly uploaded to where it is appropriate. 2) Reputation. has best knowledge in the business (over 23 years) to know exactly how the Internet works. Bulletin Boards were out before websites and we had the key to know how the Internet was developing. Michaelscomputers business was successful purely because of ‘s talents in web Submission. 3) Experience. Unmatched talent in knowing when to submit (timing is everything) and where to submit (one site can actually ban your site from all others). 4) Description Validation (It’s CRITICAL how much or how little of a description the site has. What and how the client’s site says plays a big part of our submit talent) 5) Title Validation (It’s CRITICAL what is in the title of a client website. We know what to say to compliment your web page) 6) Page Referral Bonus on 7) Keyword Validation (It’s critical how many or how little Keywords exist) 8) Link Scanner (Make sure all web links are working) 9) HTML Validation (Consistently checking for errors on your web business) 10) Increase your sales. Your business is about making money – gets you there!

Companies are being added all the time:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,…and more!

Success may be within any company, yet, a truly profitable and successful business is with utilizing as the main marketing and advertising tool.

Mike J.G. CEO (Leader in Web Submission/Marketing since 1996)



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