Planetside 2 – VX6-7 Weapon Overview [Vanu Carbine]

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13 Responses to Planetside 2 – VX6-7 Weapon Overview [Vanu Carbine]

  1. ZoranTheBear says:

    I’m glad they’re helpful c: I might down the line make a weapon scope video. But for every review? I won’t be able to do that. I personally don’t have the certs nor time to get every scope for every gun I review. But sometime down the line I’ll make a scope video for people, so I can link them to that if they are ever curious.

  2. Paskakatiska says:

    Hey, I was just thinking. Could you also run through weapon scopes while you are at it? I am sure many people would appreciate it, since some “similar” scopes have some differences. Also I will recommend this channel to my outfit since I find your videos highly useful.

  3. dzello says:

    Lol you’re sooo stupid.

  4. yewwowduck says:

    This video accidentally demonstrates why infiltrators are supremely punished by weapon hit jerk.

  5. IntrinsicPalomides says:

    Another clueless tool, do you ever or have ever looked at the actual stats? this weapon has ~22% more initial recoil than ANY TR carbine, 25% less movement multiplier and 10 less bullets. The TR are meant to have more bullets that do less dmg per shot, but guess what they do the same as VS. Go check the actual raw numbers in the Weapons Stats link in the details above. The LC3 Jaguar is so much better for example.

  6. KaiUno says:

    And now you say “must of” instead of “must have”. Which is worse.

  7. ips101 says:

    oh look another op vs weapon… awesome at close range, great at medium and pretty good at long range… barely any recoil and a fucking great cone of fire.

  8. DementedPingu says:

    You’re pistol and Cycler trv both have 845 rpm, with the cycler having the fastest projectile speed of these guns with fastest fire rate.

  9. ZoranTheBear says:

    Just realized I said vehicles instead of weapon at the first clip. Man I must of been tired.

  10. niIIer1 says:

    How does it make the game unbalanced? It is weird though, that both NC and VS get the fastest firing carbines.

  11. Dapplepies says:

    Keep up the vids.

  12. Gius3pp3K says:

    I thought the TR had the fastest fire rate? 800rpm? Shows just how unbalanced this game is

  13. michaels19880102 says:

    very nice video quality

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