Planimeter: A New Practical App For Land Measure With Real-Time GPS Tracking Capability Using Google Maps Published By VisTech.Projects [ Android OS ]

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) December 14, 2012

Make land measurement and survey using Android mobile device simple, accurate, easy and fun. This is the main goal of the Planimeter application for Android OS. The app is available from VisTech.Projects developer on Google Play:

This is a must have tool if you have any reason to use geographical area or distance measurements concluded one of the app users.

Why is it useful? Area and distance measurements on land are difficult to perform without special tools. Distances are too large and rulers are too small. Traditionally special techniques have been applied for this purpose. Today the availability of satellite images, Google Maps and GPS on mobile devices offers more options for users interested in land measurements.

Planimeter application for Android OS uses Google Maps and GPS technologies for measurements. User friendly and intuitive interface makes area, distance or angle calculations very easy without expensive equipment. Measurement results can be presented in metric or imperial units.

This video shows a short presentation of the basic idea, application areas and features:

The functionality and features of Planimeter are continuously updated and improved based on users feedback and experience. Planimeter allows users to perform measurements by placing pins on Google Maps using touch screen, by adding your current location using GPS/Network or by entering location coordinates. Address search is also available in the app.

There is an option to make measurements using real-time tracking. The GPS tracking feature makes measurements as simple as walking or driving around. The time intervals for GPS tracking can be selected in settings.

Planimeter measurement results can be shared as a text message or screenshot through e-mail, messengers, Google Drive or other suitable apps installed on user Android device. KML files and screenshots are used to save data. It allows users to export measured areas and other results into Google Earth and Google Maps or use screenshots in planning, budgeting and other reports or presentations. Previously saved measurements can be also opened and edited through Planimeter app.

Along with usual edit options like select, move or erase, there are some interesting smart path processing functions for quick automatic data editing. These are very useful features if the user has to deal with a large number of data points (e.g. in case of real-time GPS tracking) or just need to simplify and remove redundant data before saving it into KML file.

The availability of useful features combined with easy to use experience makes Planimeter app a good choice not only for amateurs personal use but also for professionals working in such areas as farming, road building and coating, construction and planning, solar panel installation, real estate business.

Many positive reviews and comments from the app users give a good overview of real life examples where Planimeter can be applied and used on daily basis and how it can simplify users work. To see all users reviews check the Planimeter – GPS area measure page on Google Play. The detailed information about the features and screenshots from the application can be found there as well.

More about Planimeter App, development and other useful applications is on the VisTech.Projects website

All VisTech.Projects applications can be downloaded directly from Google Play:

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