Plastic Surgery On The Rise In 2014 at New Look New Life Surgical Arts

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 14, 2014

Those cant be real, she looks terrific for her age, and hes had some work done, are all comments regularly heard when celebrities take to the red carpet. Though plastic surgery has been Hollywoods dirty little secret to looking great for generations, celebrities are now being open about what procedures theyve had done, sharing their results with thousands in interviews and social media networks. Given that, its little wonder that the popularity of plastic surgery has increased dramatically over the past few years, with more non-celebrity women and men investing in their looks than ever before.

Plastic surgery isnt limited to a personal decision anymore either. According to Time Magazine, during December 2013, plastic surgeons saw a dramatic spike in the number of plastic surgery procedures that were purchased as gifts for other people, with some surgeries reporting up to a 35% increase in the practice. As the interest in getting plastic surgery has grown, providers such as New Look New Life Surgical Arts have increased both staff and hours to meet the demand.

With some of the most popular procedures available such as liposuction, body and face lifts, natural nose rhinoplasty on offer, its little wonder that the team at New Yorks New Look New Life practice is one of the best in the country. The practice also offers a range of non-surgical procedures that can give excellent results with very little recovery time, making it a perfect beauty pick-me-up for those on the go. Some of their top-ranked non-surgical procedures include botox, fillers and lip augmentation.

One of the main factors that used to prevent potential patients from opting to go under the knife was cost. Long the mainstay of celebrities, models and the ultra-rich, it was commonly thought that plastic surgery procedures were completely out of the price range of the ordinary citizen. However, as procedures have become less invasive and more practical, the price has gone down considerably. Additionally, as many new advanced non-invasive procedures have become available on the market, its created a shift in preference towards quick fixes like filler injections rather than full-on surgeries.

As Americans have become more comfortable with the idea that they could invest in plastic surgery, many doctors and surgeries have begun offering multiple payment options to make it even more affordable. Clinics such as the New Look New Life practice in New York offer a range of payment plans, credit and even partner companies to provide loans for procedures their patients may want to have. Because many patients wish to have multiple procedures done as well, they even offer a membership plan that gives deep discounts for non-invasive therapies such as botox. With more options to finance the transformation of both face and body, more people are seizing the opportunity to make improvements they might have otherwise dismissed as too expensive.

Celebrities continue to drive the trend in popular plastic surgery options, even if they havent used it themselves. Women regularly bring photos of Angelina Jolies voluptuous lips, Jennifer Lopezs ample derriere or even older celebrities such as Madonna who still sport beautiful, toned skin. Though the jury is out on if any of those celebrities have taken the surgery route, their looks act as an aspirational goal for many women. Men are also warming to the idea of plastic surgery, particularly when their wives and girlfriends swoon over toned muscle men like Daniel Craig.

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