Plastic Surgery The Meeting – How Incredible Marketing Plans to Turn Medical Practitioners’ Internet Woes Into R.O.I. at This Year’s ASPS Conference in San Diego

(PRWEB) October 03, 2013

In keeping with A.S.P.S. (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) tradition, Incredible Marketing, a medical internet marketing boutique in Orange County, CA, prepares for the 88th annual Plastic Surgery The Meeting with one objective in mind: education.

Plastic Surgery The Meeting has always been about educating and sharing experiences with one another so that plastic surgery can keep pushing forward, says Sam Peek, CEO of Incredible Marketing. Incredible Marketing wants to put our hands in and push too. Thats what this is all about.

Since its inception, The Meeting has represented a joining of hands within the cosmetic and plastic surgery community. Every year, Aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeons from around the world gather together to share insight and expertise, and contribute to the growth of one anothers surgical career. This year, Incredible Marketing is poised to be The Meetings one stop shop for all things Internet marketing, and theyre taking the role of teacher very seriously.

When plastic surgeons visit us at The Meeting, we want them to walk away with practical knowledge that they can digest and make sense of. Thats the goal, really: to give you an honest analysis of your online presence, and to show you how you can improve your digital marketing strategy to get people in the door and keep them coming back. Theres no smoke and mirrors at Incredible. And were doing it for free, says Dave Sveen, President of Incredible Marketing.

So how is Incredible Marketing going to do this?

Visit Incredible Marketing at booth #2416 anytime during the convention, and their Incredible Marketing Architects will analyze your web presence, identify areas for improvement, and show you what a successful Internet marketing strategy looks like for you.

There is no silver-bullet when it comes to Internet marketing. Every client is different, so were offering those interested a chance to see what a personalized Internet marketing strategy looks like for them, not anyone else, says Nick Spears, Director of Search at Incredible Marketing.

The result?

Incredible intends on all visitors walking away with actionable insight on ways they can improve their social media, SEO, branding, content, and online reputation; they hope to reveal practical ways in which surgeons can generate leads, nurture those leads, and keep them coming back.

We want to build relationships founded on trust. And were doing it at Plastic Surgery The Meeting by helping surgeons improve their online business, says Sam Peek. For a lot of small businesses, Internet marketing is the white elephant in the room, so were here to demystify it, and we want to make it fun too. That’s what we do!

Incredible Marketing, Inc. is a full-service Internet marketing agency based in Orange County, California. They specialize in SEO, social media, social SEO, branding and custom websites.

CEO Sam Peek, President Dave Sveen, and the rest of the Incredibles will be at The Meeting. For more information regarding Incredible Marketing, visit them at booth #2416 anytime during October 11-15 and receive your free consultation. Or if you’re worried about a hectic schedule at Plastic Surgery The Meeting, you can always call them in advance and schedule your consultation for a certain time during the conference.

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