Platinum Tax Defenders and Sherri Gastelum Reduce Tax Bills to $100

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) June 14, 2013

Many companies and websites, no matter what the industry, can claim to get results for clients that never actually happen. Sometimes, taxpayers with real tax bill issues are unable to get the tax relief that they need, or are turned off of the very idea of tax resolution firms, because of news reports. On April 16, 2013, the Boston Globe warned taxpayers about tax resolution firms: If You Owe Taxes, Beware of Debt-Aid Firms ( While Sherri Gastelum (President of Platinum Tax Defenders) acknowledges that warnings against unethical behavior toward taxpayers is certainly warranted, Platinum Tax Defenders was really able to reduce tax bills for many clients down to $ 100, via Offers in Compromise.

It’s not hard to look for examples of taxpayers losing out, either in finances or business, because of assertions that just weren’t true. The IRS has recently gotten into a great deal of trouble for specifically targeting groups requesting tax-exemption status, according to many more reports than the May 17, 2013 article by US News: IRS Targeting Scandal Rooted in Campaign-Finance Politics ( Proof of help must be shown by action rather than words, in any industry.

The April 16, 2013 Boston Globe article does have some helpful information. One, that it’s not uncommon for Americans to owe money, though numbers may be higher than the Boston Globe’s assertion of one in six taxpayers, says Sherri Gastelum. Second, estimated payments are often a sticky point for business owners, due to cashflow issues. Third, it’s true that fear makes many taxpayers sit on IRS letters and hope that the issue of payment is in error, or just goes away, which can be the worst strategy in dealing with unpaid payment or unfiled tax returns. Fourth, blind faith is almost never a great strategy, in business or government dealings.

Although the Boston Globe article doesn’t mention good examples of a tax relief company (or tax resolution services), Sherri Gastelum says that that doesn’t mean there aren’t any good companies willing to help clients save on overly large tax bills – though it never hurts to be cautious. She offers recent examples of real Platinum Tax Defender clients who settle their tax bills of varying amounts and to read about these success stories visit the website at It’s really not about the amount of the bill, it’s more about what is best for the client to get tax relief by settling for an affordable amount, so that they can move on with their lives.

Sherri Gastelum is President of both Platinum Tax Defenders and the Simi Valley chapter of the National Association of Professional Women. Though she started the company, she and Attorney Dustin Wetton operate with a team of professionals with at least 10 years of experience, to get tax relief for their clients. On the team are completely qualified CPA’s, an IRS tax attorney, and Enrolled Agents. Sherri is also a board member of The Entrepreneurial Institute, and Dustin Wetton has a J.D. from San Diego’s California Western School of Law, along with an international relations degree. PTD specialists can be reached for a free consultation by calling 1-877-668-1807, or emailing info(at)tax-resolution(dot)me.

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