playing at Pa Co market

playing at Pa Co market

Image by linh.ngan
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This is the weekly market of minority people in north Vietnam. Normally, the whole family are at the market for trading goods. The kids’ parents was selling material at another corner.

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15 Responses to playing at Pa Co market

  1. ccwai says:

    I love the contrast AND the smiles on their innocent faces. Nice job

  2. Duy Thai NGUYEN says:

    trộ ôi trộ ôi, xương xương, đẹp quá Ngân ạ 😡

  3. Piero_HN says:

    Rất tình cảm em ạ

  4. Czujkowski Damian says:

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  5. excalibur_radeon says:

    ầy dà, có góc rộng lợi hại thật, mào rất đẹp, mình thích đống len bớt contrast đi chút để rõ các chi tiết hơn

  6. - Mylina - says:

    oh lovely 😉 I love the smile on her face, so innocent, so adorable ! Happy New Year and thanks for your support, my friend :)

  7. bichxa says:

    nu cuoi xinh chua nay! tam nay zoom vao in lam poster treo phong duoc :) chi chup tu cho nao ma lai duoc toan canh the nay? — Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  8. Athena B says:

    lam eg lien tuong den 1 canh trong Titanic:"> mac du ko lien wan lam:">

  9. [NATUAN] - نگوین انه توان says:

    xem cái này gây cảm xúc chị ạ

  10. Lara_Cullen says:

    This is lovely. I love the colours and the simple happiness that shine through on the kids’ faces. :)

  11. akira_minh says:

    Wish to see more photos from your film camera. The color is so great!

  12. Luti Guedes says:

    I love the colours and the simple happiness that shine through on the kids’ faces. No words for this image, just amazing!

  13. haiconcuu says:

    moi cuoi ngay di lam ve to deu gio flick ra, gam nham may cai pix cua LinhNgan nhu gam banh my voi fromage 😡 :X 😡 just to say thankyou

  14. haiconcuu says:

    ah wen, cai anh nay cung thichhhhh, added to my fav

  15. Touch-Wood says:

    so cute!

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