Playing Pac-Man…on Google Maps – IGN Plays

Ryan McCaffrey and Jared Petty play Pac-Man… on Google Maps.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Playing Pac-Man…on Google Maps – IGN Plays

  1. Eric Cartman says:

    Guys did u noticed that when u click that music note on the video duduuddu plays?

  2. George Beridze says:

    Let’s make a story: A man called Darude wakes up and looks out of his window…

  3. Daniel Gardarsson says:

    The pacman button doesnt appear for me in my computer 

  4. Sports_car6 says:

    Cool things on Google: “Google do a barrel roll” “Google gravity” (im feeling lucky) “Google olympics” (not sure if I’m feeling lucky) “let in snow” Reply your cool tricks on Google! 

  5. GameServices says:

    I saw that yesterday and I was like *What daaaaaa frick*

  6. RobLogsIn says:

    Now this is ACTUALLY real.

  7. Trevor Phillips says:


  8. Paladin Yogi says:

    It worked for me.

  9. dgamer0011 says:

    how should i start this my maps doesn’t start like this

  10. angrypig244 says:

    The pizza in Lombard is pretty good

  11. Topsy Kretts says:

    Wow! Swindon! That’s where I live! How awesome!!! The magic roundabout sucks by the way!!! They must have been taking something when they came up with that!

  12. oODallyOo says:

    hahahaha! slow the video down to 0.25 of the speed and they totally sound drunk off their faces! so much more entertaining!

  13. Jim Kemp says:

    i hate that roundabout in swindon, my technique is to drive at it and scream

  14. Weerd says:

    tried to play in Pittsburgh but i kept getting physically stuck on our weird roads.

  15. Frisson Network says:

    Doesn’t work for me. I do not see the option on the bottom right even though I am in a good area to start one.

  16. Vulgora says:

    i hope this stays in google

  17. Jastroyer manswer says:

    Does anyone know how long google will leave this up? I hope for a while because its really fun.

  18. MySmurfyVids says:

    April fools…

  19. TheGamingChristian says:

    D: Can’t play it… Did google remove this already??

  20. Frank XG says:

    6.5/10 – “Too much pacman” – IGN

  21. chunky says:

    It works in the app too. you swipe to change direction

  22. CoCo Palma says:

    this company has a soul, yet……. lol

  23. gearzombie3 says:

    Wow zero dislikes

  24. SuperWetro says:

    I love this so much, thank you google!!!!

  25. Cristhian Ortiz says:

    this guy really sucks at pac man lol

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