15 Replies to “PlayStation E3 Press Conference 2013”

  1. man I was a loyal xbox 360 fan (even though many of my friends preferred the PS3), but with all the flaws and restrictions with Xbox one I’m now a convert.. PS4 here I come. Screw Microsoft!

  2. It is a bit “hardcore” to ban game borrowing … when I first heard about it I said to myself – xbox one LOL … And this XBOX online to play thing? But …. your fridge will have to be online next year to turn the lights on when You open the doors, so this might be a good move from microsoft – it is coming – offline is dead

  3. the xbox one the name sucks it may be a good console but the ps4 just brings it way better in every way i dont say the xbox is gay but i am saying the ps4 is just better in games, presentation, applications, and more (sorry for ps4 haters)

  4. Don Mattrick, I’m not going to regret it because my Internet goes down a lot so I don’t want a bricked console, that’s why I hate online checks and crap

  5. For consoles it will be a bigger step up from the last generation. Keep in mind that PS4 will also be using GDDR5 instead of DDR3. Then factor in the price point after that and you can see the value of the device.

  6. I’d like to know who was making all the background noise because I didn’t see a single person standing and shouting on the audience closeups. Anyway .. to be honest with U.. I was more of an xbox fan for a last few years – putting that aside – ALL this NEXT GEN stuff is “recycled toilet paper” .. 8GB RAM? my mom’s notebook has that … only 1 game displayed on this E3 Video (Mad Max) had almost real shadows… – in my opinion next gen console line is outdated before it is released

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