PMBC Group Announces New Client Relationship with Rain on Request; Indiegogo Campaign Started December 1

Los Angeles, Calif. (PRWEB) December 03, 2014

Rain on Request has selected Los Angeles public relations firm PMBC Group as their agency of record to help the company promote its Indiegogo campaign, which launched December 1.

Rain on Request is the developer of systems that increase rainfall through ionization stations, which use a controlled electric field to influence the local atmosphere. Air ionization causes formation of nucleation centers in the atmosphere, leading to cloud development and rainfall.

We are excited to publicize Rain on Request and their Indiegogo campaign, says Ola Danilina, CEO and founder of PMBC Group. As our home state of California is in the midst of a severe drought, Rain on Request represents an incredible proposition that could alleviate the water crisis in California and beyond.

PMBC Group will promote Rain on Requests Indiegogo campaign to technology, business, environmental and consumer media to advance the campaigns goal to raise $ 1 million.

Rain on Request plans to use the funds to install its first system in Santa Barbara and then install other systems as their efforts expand. Once the system is set up, it takes 72 hours to initiate rainfall to produce an increase of 50% to 400% of rainfall in the location, relative to the mean seasonal rate. Rain generated by the system will cover an area of approximately 15 miles radius of the ionization station. When rainfall reaches the desired level, it takes approximately one hour to shut off the system.

Seventy nine percent of all evaporated water falls back into the ocean. The ROR technology diverts a portion of this traffic and causes the rain to fall on the targeted location inland, says Larry Gitman, Campaign Manager for Rain on Request. Evaporated water is transferred from the ocean to the shore, and rainfall is triggered once the condensation in the cloud has reached a critical level.

To find out more about Rain on Request or to donate to their Indiegogo campaign, please visit

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About Rain on Request

Rain on Request (ROR) is an eco-friendly rain inducing technology, which was developed by world-renowned scientists from Israel. Through a process called ionization, Rain on Request is able to induce rainfall within a 15-mile radius of a single system and, with a series of systems in place; ROR is able to produce targeted rainfall unlike any other known weather control system in the world. For more information please visit


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