Polhemus Announces “The LIBERTY™ Series” New 6 Degree of Freedom Tracking Products and Cobra 3D Scanner

COLCHESTER, VT (PRWEB) July 30, 2003

Polhemus, the industry leader in 6 Degree of Freedom (DOF) motion capture, tracking and digitizing technologies is proud to announce the new 6 DOF tracking product line named LIBERTY. This product represents a quantum leap in new technology and state of the art Digital Signal Processor (DSP) electronics. LIBERTY has speed (240 Hz per sensor), ease of use via an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), scalability and improved signal to noise ratios which increase stability and resolution while providing consistent high quality data. The combination of all these attributes clearly positions LIBERTY as the forerunner in electromagnetic tracking technology.

LIBERTY tracks objects at an unprecedented speed of 240 updates per second, all sensors simultaneously, through the liberal use of advanced DSPs that also provide cleaner signals to enable greater range and higher stability. Four sensors are available on the base product, LIBERTY 240/4, and the simple addition of a single circuit board inside the same chassis, creates the LIBERTY 240/8 with four more sensor channels.

LIBERTY comes standard with both a serial I/O RS-232 and a high speed USB interface, at no extra cost, to keep up with the voluminous rate of tracking data produced. The LIBERTY Series comes standard with Windows 2000/XP GUI and a comprehensive, easy to use Software Developers Kit (SDK).

Each sensor with the LIBERTY is able to independently detect distortion within the environment, alerting the user to make appropriate changes if necessary. Resolution is better than 0.001 inch and 0.01 degrees, absolute accuracy is better than 0.03 inches RMS for the X, Y and Z position and 0.15 degrees RMS for rotation. Latency is less than 4 milliseconds for all sensors simultaneously. Range is in excess of five feet and can be substantially extended with the use of an optional transmitter.

As the industry’s most compact handheld laser scanner, FastSCAN Cobra is a fast, flexible and attractively priced for scanning 3D objects – significantly speeding up the 3D modeling and animation process. The FastSCAN Cobra allows users to instantly capture volumetric measurements of objects and translate this data, in real time, into a fully 3D graphical image on your computer screen. Instead of bringing objects to the scanner, users take FastSCAN Cobra directly to the object.

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