Polite Robot Overlords Will Be More Persuasive

Polite Robot Overlords Will Be More Persuasive
Never is this more true than when your kitchen partner is a robot. Their always-right, ego-deflating advice can be off-putting, reports social psychologist Sara Kiesler and her colleagues from Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh. But having them …
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Robot Car UK set to rival Google's driverless-car project
He's a researcher at Robot Car UK and is demonstrating the latest in British driverless-car technology. It has been developed by a 22-strong team from the department of engineering science at Oxford University and I'm one of the first people to get a …
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Stanford researchers debut first robot run by carbon nanotube transistors
A group of Stanford researchers recently debuted the first robot controlled by a computer chip built entirely from carbon nanotube transistors, which many scientists predict may eventually replace silicon. While scientists have produced simple …
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