Political Company Announces Launch of New Ron Paul Facebook Page for Upcoming 2012 Presidential Election

Houston, TX (PRWEB) October 26, 2012

Write Ron In, a political support group dedicated to supporting Ron Paul in the upcoming 2012 Presidential Election has officially announced the launch of their new social media campaign. The company has announced an interactive Facebook page dedicated to informing voters of important campaign facts and encouraging voters to Write Ron In when they vote. The company hopes that with their newly launched Facebook effort more voters will be able to get the facts they are looking for while getting access to a social network of peers who are also supporting the politician in the election.

The company and their new Facebook page are supported by the Wealth Freedom Foundation and are looking to encourage more voters to abstain from voting for Mitt Romney or President Barack Obama in the upcoming election and to instead vote for Ron Paul. The new Facebook page features informative posts, detailed insight on Ron Pauls policies and other pertinent information pertaining to the 2012 Presidential Election. The new Facebook page will also give visitors access to information about the Wealth Freedom Foundation. The new Facebook page has officially launched and can be accessed through https://www.facebook.com/WriteRonIn, and can be accessed by anyone looking to gain more insight before the November elections.

To find out more about Ron Paul and the Write Ron In campaign, visit the company online at http://wpacademy.tv/webinar.

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