PolyStation 3 Review

A cheap video game system that looks like a PS3! Oh joy. The ticking noises throughout the video are made by drinking guinea pigs. Sorry.

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14 Responses to PolyStation 3 Review

  1. skylersim1 says:

    LOL me too. 😀

  2. thebrickster100 says:

    Ahh…the things people do for money…

  3. fandbzgt100 says:

    English accent detected

  4. Minertech123 says:

    classic ashens.

  5. Mathias Mendez says:

    its a crap

  6. Dan D says:

    CONTROL YOUR GUINEA PIGS MAN unsubscribed rated down reported called the cops set pc on fire

  7. Orange0xc00000e9 says:

    this reminded me of my 6 years old laptop which I found in a draw and I tried opening it up but every screw broke under my screwdriver.

  8. dwfvidsfloyd says:

    besides a good lauph. why tourcher your self. Next bambo under the finger nails.

  9. TheRubixGamer says:


  10. Dzin077 says:

    That’s why i hate chineese people.

  11. Swimmy Boy says:

    cool to prank friends

  12. suzaku0504 says:


  13. freeman71386 says:

    Such a big ass body for a tiny screen, and the game is a game & watch style game lmfao

  14. RuTheSuperJew22 says:

    The Mini Polystation 3 is the Splicer of the videogame world

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