Polysun Online, the simulation software from leading software provider Vela Solaris, is now also available in the Premium Version

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) December 03, 2012

Polysun Online Premium, a modern sales tool for solar installers, is now available in the Premium Version on http://www.polysunonline.com. Solar installers can now calculate their solar systems and generate sales reports directly on the Internet.

Worldwide weather-data and comprehensive, up-to-date product catalogues with over 50,000 entries (PV module, inverter and collector databases) are a guarantee for accurate calculations. And its not just a simplified Internet calculation; on Polysun Online, the complete simulation is carried out on a state-of-the-art computing farm. Results are identical to those generated by Polysun in the well-established version for PC or Mac.


The data for the calculation of a solar system is entered through the web front-end and automatically forwarded via the Internet to a server farm. Several in parallel installed Polysun instances are processing the simulation requests. This technology, also known as cloud-computing, is used for the first time in the solar industry for the calculation of PV, solar thermal energy and heat pump systems. The results are sent back to the user in PDF format.

New Premium Features

Databases: Polysun Online Premium includes over 44400 PV modules, 6300 inverters, 4400 solar thermal collectors (SRCC or Solar Keymark-certified). The databases are updated several times a year so that users can always rely on the latest products.

Worldwide Weather Data: Polysun relies on the well-established, extensive Meteonorm weather-database. Using Google Maps, the user is able to enter any address so that subsequently weather data for the selected location are calculated automatically hour by hour.

Sales Reports: Detailed sales or engineering reports include simulation results, the address of the sales person as well as the address and a picture of the property. Created for the customer in a matter of minutes, these professional reports can be printed out in PDF, Word or PowerPoint format.

Project Storage: The calculated systems can be stored as Polysun project files. This is an ideal solution for companies working with a version of Polysun installed on their PCs or MACs and wishing, however, to use a mobile version of Polysun for sales and field service purposes. Polysun Online Premium is a readily-available, mobile sales tool that enables field sales forces to calculate and simulate systems directly at the customers site. Projects are stored and always available on the go as Polysun project files. Back to your headquarters, these files can be opened and further processed with the version of Polysun installed on a PC or MAC. (available from January 2013)

Other Details

For more details on Vela Solaris and Polysun please visit http://www.velasolaris.com

Vela Solaris Company Information

Vela Solaris is a leading provider of simulation software for the renewable energy sector. Their Polysun software is a unique sales and simulation tool for planners, architects, engineers and installers that provides them with invaluable support in the analysis, planning and calculation of heating and cooling systems using renewable energy. Polysun has been specifically created for solar thermal energy, photovoltaic, heat pumps, geothermal energy and solar cooling. The Vela Solaris product range incorporates extensive research activities in cooperation with universities and the industry as well as providing the opportunity to customise the software (company versions as stand-alone or online versions).

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