Pootsy from balcony of Top Rank 1980

Pootsy from balcony of Top Rank 1980

Image by Watt_Dabney

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  1. Watt_Dabney says:

    Think this was an Ian Gillan concert ,but not 100%. Also in the shot is David Elsworth & David Olsen. i know the girl in the Motorhead shirt and the chap with glasses but just can`t place them.

  2. Big*Al*Davies says:

    May 81?

  3. Watt_Dabney says:

    Yes I think that`s about right ,maybe a few months earlier.

  4. Big*Al*Davies says:

    Have you shown David Olsen this on facebook?

  5. Big*Al*Davies says:

    I lived next door to Barry, still a rock fan.

  6. Watt_Dabney says:

    Al – yes i have. Stil can`t nail down a date.

  7. Big*Al*Davies says:

    25.09.80 Guildford Civic Hall, UK 26.09.80 Oxford New Theatre, UK 27.09.80 Brighton Dome, UK 28.09.80 Leicester De Montford Hall, UK 29.09.80 Bradford St. Georges Hall, UK 01.10.80 Newcastle Mayfair, UK – start delayed. The band had been recording "Trouble" for "Top Of The Pops". 02.10.80 Sunderland Mayfair, UK 03.10.80 Middlesbrough Town Hall, UK 04.10.80 Preston Guildhall, UK 05.10.80 Liverpool Empire, UK 06.10.80 Sheffield City Hall, UK – recorded by Radio Hallam. 07.10.80 Manchester Apollo, UK 08.10.80 Hanley Victoria Hall, UK 10.10.80 Birmingham Odeon, UK 11.10.80 Derby Assembly Hall, UK 12.10.80 Coventry Theatre, UK 13.10.80 Hemel Hempstead Pavilion, UK 14.10.80 London Hammersmith Odeon, UK – recorded by Capitol Radio. A 60-minute edit of the show was broadcast in December. 15.10.80 London Hammersmith Odeon, UK 16.10.80 Bristol Colston Hall, UK 17.10.80 Southampton Gaumont, UK 18.10.80 Bracknell Sports Centre, UK 19.10.80 Cardiff Top Rank,Wales, UK 21.10.80 Ipswich Gaumont, UK 23.10.80 Edinburgh Odeon, Scotland, UK 24.10.80 Glasgow Apollo, Scotland, UK 25.10.80 Dundee Caird Hall, Scotland, UK 26.10.80 Carlisle Market Hall, UK 27.10.80 Hull City Hall, UK

  8. Big*Al*Davies says:

    19.10.80 Cardiff Top Rank,Wales, UK

  9. Big*Al*Davies says:


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