PopTrending.com Now Tracking Top 1000 Most Famous People

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) January 25, 2013

PopTrending.com announces it is now tracking the top 1000 most famous people on the Internet. Using a unique formula, the website analyzes content from thousands of news, web and social networking sites to identify trending public figures, and calculate their real-time popularity rankings. Each persons popularity can be charted over time and even compared to the popularity of other famous people.

The ever-growing list of most famous people includes actors, musicians, politicians, realty TV show stars, athletes, journalists, scientists, business tycoons, and more. President Barack Obama has long held the number one spot, followed closely behind by singers Justin Bieber and Rihanna. In addition to listing overall rankings, the site also shows the breakdown of how people rank in the news, social media and on the web, as well as sorting celebrities by their individual categories such as acting, music, comedy, etc.

The website uses a small army of bots to scour the web, searching for mentions of peoples names in news reports, blogs, comments, and posts, and also factors in patterns in the number of followers and likes each individual receives on social networking sites. New people are added to the database every day, making the site more and more inclusive over time.

What makes PopTrending unique is it makes it possible to measure the popularity of famous people in real time, according to founder Josh Robinson, Other websites come out with top 10 or top 100 lists, but our statistics get updated and recalculated every day, showing whos trending right now, as well as displaying changes in trends over time.

The website was founded in 2012, and is continuously undergoing development and expansion. New features are constantly being added to make the website more interactive, and the sites database of famous people is growing. In the near future, the site hopes to launch more interactive charting utilities, a mobile application, and a celebrity IQ test game.

PopTrending.com uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate daily popularity scores for over one thousand celebrities and famous public figures based on dozens of metrics including frequency of appearance in the news, activity on social networking sites, popularity in search engines, and presence in popular web content.

For more information on please visit http://poptrending.com.

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