Popular DUI Attorney In Riverside Releases New DMV Hearing Page To Help Inform The Progress Of A DUI Arrest Defense

(PRWEB) September 28, 2013

DUI arrests are frightening regardless of the city where they take place. In Riverside California locals that were long awaiting a comprehensive and useful source of information regarding a DUI arrest now have one. The well-known DUI defense attorney in Riverside Chris Koch recently released a DMV hearing page that has the potential of becoming one of the most powerful sources for DUI offenders and their families. The attorney has explained in clear and simple terms how the DMV should be handled after a DUI arrest happens, and what happens to the license confiscated by the officer in charge.

There are many DUI and license checkpoints in Riverside County month, and consequently many arrests take place on charges of drunk driving. Usually people are not aware how to react after such an unfortunate event takes place, and may end up hiring insanely expensive lawyers just to get out of legal trouble. However, the reality is experienced attorneys know the best way to defend a DUI arrest, especially if the offender acts promptly. The first thing to do in any case is to hire a seasoned DUI defense attorney who would contact the DMV to schedule an administrative hearing on the behalf of his/her client.

The popular DUI attorney in Riverside recently came up with the new page that explains the process of the DMV or Department of Motor Vehicles in the state of California. The process has been explained thoroughly in his newly launched Riverside DMV hearing page that serves as a complete source of information for DUI offenders and their families. If the lawyer is able to contact the DMV within 10 days after the arrest, it becomes the responsibility of the department to provide a date for hearing the case within 30 days.

Because of a large number of DUI arrests taking place every day, the department may not be able to entertain all requests simultaneously. As a result, the case may go in the hands of the offender and individual may become eligible to receive temporary driving privileges back. Moreover, the chances of getting the license back also may increase, and the person is able to present a strong case in the court if there is a need to do so. An experienced DUI attorney knows all these details and he could use this information to help his client minimize legal trouble.

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