Popular SEO Firm Introduces Premium SEO Links

Delhi, India (PRWEB) February 17, 2013

Starlet SEO is an SEO firm that is popular for its highly innovative search engine optimization services that go one step beyond the latest trends on the internet. Its latest service is a Premium SEO links building service, which also utilizes the power of innovation to provide unique value to the companys clients.

The premium SEO links that are provided by Starlet SEO in this new service are not the same as usual back links provided by Search engine optimization companies until now. Most SEO firms provide, at best, profile links, EDU links, Wiki links, social bookmarks, and other back links that utilize Web 2.0. These back links, while still powerful, lack the edge that was present when they were introduced. According to the research team of Starlet SEO, more powerful back links can be created through other forms link document creation and submission, Google Plus and Facebook shares, Re-tweets on Twitter, audio files (podcast) creation and submission, and infographics creation and submission. The premium SEO links offered by Starlet SEO are created through these channels.

Smith S., a spokesperson for Starlet SEO, explained the idea of this new and unique service during the launch. He said, When we started Starlet SEO, we decided to focus on delivering only the most innovative and unique services to clients because we knew that innovation was one competitive edge that would assure a strong presence on the internet for our clients. That is why we began to develop a new form of back linking when our research team found that the current forms are losing their edge. These back links are just plain text links, but most people are not just looking for text-based information on the internet today. Our premium SEO links utilize both visual and audio media to create the strong and unique back links.

The infographics created by Starlet SEO as part of its premium SEO links building program will be based on research on the clients field of work. Using this collected information, the design team at Starlet SEO will create an infographic and share it with over 30 website, providing clients with at least 8-12 confirmed listings.

About Starlet SEO

Starlet SEO is a popular SEO company that focuses on the development of unique Search engine optimization methods. Since its inception, the company has approached Search engine optimization in a way that pushes the edge of current internet trends to utilize Search engine algorithms to their maximum. This helps give their clients an edge over their competitors and propel their website to a high Search engine results page rank.

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