Popular SEO Firm Offers Layered Link Building

Delhi, India (PRWEB) February 18, 2013

Starlet SEO is popular and fast-growing Search engine optimization firm that focuses on providing innovative SEO services to its customers. The latest service introduced by the company is a layered link building service that will give customers an edge in their SEO campaign and develop back links with high Search engine authority efficiently.

The layered link building service offered by Starlet SEO has been developed by its research team after months of intensive research. It is based on white hat Search engine optimization strategies that continuously increase the link authority of back links created by Starlet SEO with each step.

Smith S. is a spokesperson for Starlet SEO, and he said about the new service, The new Starlet SEO layered link building service is completely unique and unlike anything else offered by Search engine optimization firms. A lot of SEO firms actually offer to develop the back links through gray hat techniques because of their ambiguity, but our new layered link building strategy is not only completely white hat, but is also designed from ground up to work with the latest Search engine algorithms, including the post-Penguin Google search algorithm.

The new layered link building package offered by Starlet SEO focuses on developing high authority links using high quality content. For the first layer, the SEO team develops new Web 2.0 links and EDU links, along with image links to add more authority to these links.

The second layer involves the submission of these links on article directories and online forum profiles, which further develops the link authority. The third layer involves the submission of created back links on appropriate Wiki pages, thereby adding Wiki authority to these links.

For the fourth layer, bookmarking websites are targeted by the Starlet SEO team. The websites are chosen according to their Search engine results page rank and visitor traffic. The final layer involves the collection of all created back links and their indexing.

As the Starlet SEO team performs each layer of this new link building strategy, the authority of these back links increases. By the end of the layered link building service, each link will have an extremely high link authority that will help the client website achieve a higher page rank.

About Starlet SEO

Starlet SEO is a fast growing company that develops unique and highly innovative SEO strategies. The company focuses on delivering value to its clients through services that are different from what most SEO firms provide, thereby giving them an edge over the competition. The layered link building service offered by the company is the latest example of the companys work towards this meeting this objective.

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