Portage, MI Dentist Now Offers Oral Myofunctional Therapy in Office

Portage, MI (PRWEB) June 14, 2012

Portage, MI dentist Dr. Dennis is highly regarded as a local expert in her practice of general and cosmetic dentistry. She now offers oral myofunctional therapy to her patients and welcomes new patients seeking treatment for oral myofunctional disorder. This is a milestone in oral care. Dr. Dennis office is one of the very few offices to offer three different types of oral care services under the same roof. Tongue therapy is rare amongst offices in general.

Orofacial myology can go undetected, but there are signs and symptoms located on Dr. Dennis website. Briefly, oral myofunctional disorder (OMD) symptoms include thumb sucking, habitual mouth breathing, and excessive elongated facial growth, along with other subtle signs. Oral fixations are hard to correct. Dr. Dennis therapy offers individual therapy sessions to retrain and restore natural oral functioning. This corrects the facial muscles in relation to dentition, chewing, sucking, and swallowing.

Once diagnosed with any form of this disorder, a person can begin to develop low self-esteem. However, oral disorders also tend to cause speech difficulties, lisping, open mouth posture and negative cosmetic effects. Dr. Dennis recognizes that oral disorders may affect mental and physical health as well. For most patients its important to have a trusting relationship with any doctor. Having a dentist that provides more than teeth cleaning and annual x-rays is convenient for families.

Now, Kalamazoo residents have the luxury of general dentistry and receiving therapy in one location thanks to Dr. Dennis. Over time, therapy will provide an elimination of damaging oral habits; reduction of unnecessary tension and pressure in facial muscles. Therapists also work to strengthen muscles that may not have fully developed due to oral myology.

This added service made finding the right dentist more obvious. Some specifics that may suggest requiring tongue therapy improper resting posture, meaning the tongue presses against or in between teeth when eating or at rest. The length of time therapy lasts depends on the severity of the disorder. The state of oral myofunctional disorder also dictates what therapy sessions will focus on. The end goal is always the same for Dr. Dennis patients: establish normal biting, chewing and swallowing patterns; and normal resting postures of the tongue, jaw and facial muscles.

About Dr. Susan Dennis, DDS

Dr. Dennis is well known for a welcoming office that is surrounded by nature. Take advantage of her services offered in her office. In addition to her plentiful services already provided, a free cosmetic consultation is available. This gives potential patients a feel for the office among an understanding of what oral services they may require. To schedule an appointment you can use their Request an Appointment Form

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