Porter Robinson – Language (Radio Edit)

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17 Responses to Porter Robinson – Language (Radio Edit)

  1. Crackrjaxzz says:

    For some reason this reminds me like “Feel so close” but then more dance

  2. Jasper Hoek says:

    it should be a awesome mix when half way done the music takes a break and then goes over to gangnam style :3

  3. JBassOfficial says:

    how does this sound in any way like the veldt?

  4. chinpoful says:

    sounds like The Veldt Deadmau5

  5. Agustin Roman says:

    Vengo de Radio Fadea 😛

  6. HarryBalkwill says:

    this isnt dubstep

  7. xDrozDz says:

    Who are those gay ass fags who disliked the song, it’s simply fucking awesome (>^_^>)

  8. jess janes says:

    LOVE this songggg!!!

  9. ZeelandCentraal says:

    Gay boy Dubstep freak

  10. jepsper1 says:

    More like Spectrum for me :) (don’t know why)

  11. MrPaaarteeey says:

    very nice, love it :)

  12. TheKordane says:


  13. sambo9111 says:

    kill your self <3

  14. OneMoveOnePlace says:

    The beats are thundering out my headphone ! FUCKING AMAZING !!!!

  15. ZeelandCentraal says:

    Dubstep is gay Gaylords..

  16. Jan Willems says:

     538 Dancesmash <3

  17. bbiku says:

    its exactly like strobehypnoticz- eclipse

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