POSPaper.com Launches New Website to Boost Services in Specialized Paper for POS Transactions

Jacksonville, Florida (PRWEB) July 16, 2014

Businesses which rely on specialized paper rolls for point of sale and other transaction based printers are set to benefit from a major boost in customer service. This comes as one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of specialized paper rolls and other related point of sale supplies, POSPaper.com, launches its new and improved website with several innovations designed to enhance the services offered to customers.

Co-Founder and Partner of POSPaper.com, Mike Anderson, has announced that the company has completely revolutionized its website and that the newly re-designed POSPaper.com is being launched this week. POSPaper.com has been redesigned from scratch and now boasts a new logo and a new look and feel, plus several other enhancements. POSPaper.com is a premier manufacturer and internet-based distributor of specialized paper rolls used for point of sale and other transaction based printers. The recent changes to POSPaper.com represent a total overhaul and a redesign from scratch. This is in contrast to the 2013 work on the site which involved a mere facelift and a refreshing of the features on the website.

Businesses that go to POSPaper.com to fill their need for specialized paper rolls for point of sale and other transaction based printers will now find this process an easier and more efficient exercise. Describing the features of the newly launched POSPaper.com, Anderson says the new site is the product of a complete overhaul including new programming from the ground up and a completely new look and feel. He says, the redesigned website represents a cleaner, more sophisticated design and a less cluttered look and feel.

The overhaul of POSPaper.com also includes significant improvements to the websites search engine optimization (SEO) coding and will eventually involve upgraded search and navigation features throughout the site. Simple and improved navigation is also a part of the new design, Anderson explains. Enhanced search features will be released in the coming weeks, Anderson adds.

The recent overhaul and complete redesign of POSPaper.com follows a 2013 refresh and facelift of the website. However Anderson says the company discovered several technical issues after releasing the refreshed site and decided to start over from scratch and do a complete overhaul of the website.

POSPaper.com Caters to both small and large businesses. It supplies all varieties of thermal paper rolls, receipt paper rolls, credit card supplies, printer ribbons, ATM paper and many other types of business related specialized paper. Businesses which rely on specialized paper rolls for point of sales and other transaction based printers are being encouraged to visit http://www.pospaper.com and benefit from the range of supplies while enjoying the new and improved features which the website offers. Businesses may also contact POSPaper.com at 1-877-469-7655.

Contact: Mike Anderson

Telephone: 1-877-469-7655

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