Post may factor into stress rank

Post may factor into stress rank
Folks in Killeen “work harder than residents of other cities, with a work week averaging 43.2 hours,” according to the website that put together the rankings, “Housing also doesn't come cheap in Killeen, as residents spend 25.3 …
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Madden NFL 15 Rankings for Players and Teams Revealed
You can check out our quick rundown of the top players and teams below. But for more stats either check out our ranking highlights video above, or head over to the official EA Sports website (which has a comprehensive collection of the top ranked …
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Should I Switch From HTTP to HTTPS for SEO Reasons?
HTTPS may be a lightweight signal for now, but if website owners and the Big G believe it's needed to enhance user's experience, then expect HTTPS to eventually play a bigger role in search ranking algorithm. Going back to my original question; Should …
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